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Honorary Certificate

With this certificate I acknowledge and thank CSABA KÁROLYI for his high quality work during the  historical renovation of Ferenc Liszt Music Academy (Music Academy) on Liszt Square on behalf of the University of Music.

With your  work you have contributed to a large extent to development of the Academy, which was established by Ferenc Liszt in 1875.

 You  have partaken of our Masters credo Genie oblige-ingenuity obliges! - because you  have had a successful role in creation  of  the next milestone in our operation.

 Our institute  has been loyally serving the cause of music education in Hungary and Europe  for 138 years through its artists,music teachers and scientists. Your work will help  evolve the next generation of successful musicians.

With gratitude and great appreciation,

Professor Dr. András Batta, dean and commissioner

Budapest, 26 October 2013, the opening celebration of the Academy

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