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Dear Customers,

you can download the Patinas Lighting catalogue by clicking on the link above.Should you not want to download it,you can leaf through by clicking on the image below.
The catalogue is divided into 3 main styles,classical,art nouveau and art deco with our door handle collection from page 155-157.
The finishes available for the lighting collections,the curtain sets and door handles are depicted on page 167 at the end of the catalogue.

As Patinas Lighting is dedicated to environment protection we offer you the free download of our full catalogue by clicking on the link below.
The hardcopy costs 22 EUR + shipping fee,which you can order by mail.The charge can be paid only by wire transfer.In case of order this sum will be deducted from the final payment.
You are welcome to ask for assistance by phone or for offer via mail,see here: Contact

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