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Our lamps are gems for special interiors. We offer them to aficionados of  elegance, exclusiveness, uniqueness and originality, and last but not least,  everlasting beauty.

Buyers of Patinas lamps will find that our products are so much more than lighting objects in case they appreciate all the features mentioned above. The lamps will accompany their owners for a long course of time, and they would tell many stories if they only could...

There is a sense of mystery around the lamps: there presence cannot be unnoticed. They fill the interior. Rooms adorned with such original lamps of classic style are surely full of memories.

Patinas lamps – be it a wall light, table light or a chandelier- are created just like pieces of jewellery.  They are designed with great attention, crafted manually with meticulous care out of high-quality materials in Hungary.

 Our company does not follow mainstream market trends, because making huge profit with manufacturing low-price products of low quality is not our aim. Our lamps do not compare with plastic designer lamps sold for preposterous prices. We would like to sell valuable products and genuine value to our customers. You will not find lamps made of plastic or fake brass in our assortment. We ensure you that all our handmade products are of high quality, thus they will live to be hundred years old. Even that old, they will look beautiful and shiny as ever, giving more joy to generations to come.

For us, recycling and conscious consumption is of great importance, so we would like to contribute to environment protection by producing long-life products. Packaging means also using as little plastic as possible (about packaging, see the menu).

We would be happy to get you acquainted with our assorment link. Additonally, you can also see our lamps in ’action’ references

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