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This is how our lamps see the light of the day:

As soon as your order is taken, our craftmen in the manufacture start with the preperations of the production of yourlamp.If the lighting consists of moulded parts it will be carefully composed manually in our foundry, then moulded with liquid brass at a temperature of over 1000 C degrees.

After the casting process, the raw and the ragged surface is wrought ant the sharp ridges are scrapped from the inner surface and finally it is burnished with a hand rasper.

After this procedure the burnishing division takes care of the external surfaces. Next the product goes to our turners who do the winding, bowing, sizing works and finally the soldering with industrial silver. The semi-finished product goes back to our burnisher section,. where the residues from the previous work flow are cleaned. At this stage of the production the brass parts of the lamp are as shiny as gold. After surface cleaning multiple chemical processes take place in order to give thelampparts either antique or nickel finish. After this has been done, our burnishers give the final polish to the lamp. Additionally, they forward these parts to the assembly division, where thelampsare equipped with electrical fitting, porcelain sockets, double-isolated and grounded cables. After the installation each lamp is tested for electric shock protection and undergoes detailed examination. Eventually, yourlampis packed in safely and prepaired for its journey.

Raw materials

In the past three decades we have earned our reputation with manufacturing from highest quality raw materials and unique design. Our most important objective is sticking to our quality standards, manual solely production and using brass as the basis of thelamps.

How can you be sure if alamp is really made of pure brass? The visible parts of ourlampsare made of solid brass, and for the non-visible stabilizing structure we use other metals, which undergo special surface treatments. If you scratch the inside of the lamp,e.g. the inner side of the glass holder with a small, sharp object, and the trail of the scratch is not of bright, golden colour, your purchasedlampswas definitely not made of brass.

Metal pressing

Naturally, this stage of production is also handmade, which should not be confused with those made in mass production with hugh-pressure machines. During pressing in our manufacture the curves and the bends are elaborately crafted resulting in much more delicate design.

Casting and metal work

In our manufacture the raw casts undergo five stages by the time they become semi-finished. There are huge differences between casts. These five –step, meticulous work phase guarantees the solid basis for the high quality end product.

Electrical fittings

You will not find any other socket but a porcelain one in our lamps (E12, E14, E26, E27). The bulb can be replaced easily and without any risks of electric shock.

Glass shades

Just as any other component, the glass shades we design are crafted manually. We take special care to achieve beautiful and impeccable carved patterns on them. We examine the quality of the shades thoroughly and without any compromise: even the standard flaws are a no-go for us. The carved patterns must be perfect and precise. After carving the glasses are polished and shine like crystal or even a gem.

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