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Why choose us?

What makes Patinas lamps the best choice?

If you like unique and stylish lighting, look no further.  We are more than happy to meet you and your needs!
Patinas lamps are made of finest quality brass. We do not use any cheap, short-living materials like plastic or brassed iron, but only industrial silver to insure that our lamps are 'alive' for a long time, even for a century.
Being for more than three decades in business made us highly experienced lighting professionals, who can boast with a huge assortment of 700 lamps and counting. Due to this we definitely know which lights will make your interior beautiful.
In the long years of business, our customers  with exquisite taste have always been satisfied with our products. We sold them lamps they could not see anywhere else.

We manufacture our lamps like pieces of jewellery: manually and with greatest attention. Patinas lamps not only ensure the adequate light in interiors, but also adorn them, just like gems, which can be used with various light sources, such as filament LEDs.

We issue a  ten year guarantee for each of our lamps, but should you have questions later than that,  feel free to contact us. We will find solutions for special demands. Our products represent a true, lasting value.

We will be absolutely delighted to throw new light upon any interior.

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