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Art deco chandeliers, art deco style chandeliers

Art deco chandeliers

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Art deco chandeliers

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, art deco chandeliers in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our art deco style ceiling lamps which will decorate  your home!

Art deco chandeliers: glowing luxury, exclusive shine in your home

The art deco chandeliers’ clean lines or stylized forms, modern and exclusive look will dress uo your home! Discover our most popular product range, the art deco chandeliers and their characteristics. 

Art deco chandelier - the most important style marks

The exclusive brass art deco chandeliers made by us bear the most important style marks of art deco: the distinctive clean lines, geometrical and stylized forms of design style of the 1920-30’s and the selected materials (shiny brass and glass, mostly glass tubes) will make our art deco chandeliers so special.

You will not find any curvy lines characteristically to art nouveau: the richly decorated art deco chandeliers feature strict lines, sharp edges which will make any room look modern. 


Art deco chandeliers:jewel of your home, which is eternal and represents value

Our brass lamps, as our art deco chandeliers are meticulously handmade of highest quality materials keeping on mind the client’s wishes, so the lamps fits perfectly into your home. The premium quality materials and our labour process will ensure that not only you will get a wonderful luxury lamp, but that it will represent value for decades to come.


How art deco chandeliers came into life of Patinas Lighting

Patinas Lighting have been originally engaged with renovation and production of classical style luminaires, the art deco lamps with clear lines appeared only later in their assortment.
The design and production process of art deco chandeliers was based on most important marks of this style: clear lines, shiny sparkle and the utilization of glass tubes made these lamps and chandeliers our most popular products.

This is how your art deco chandelier is made to order in the manufacture of Patinas Lighting

As all our exclusive lamps, the art deco chandeliers are always made bespoke by hand according the specification of our customers. Prior to order to you can determine the total drop, the size and the finish of the art deco chandelier so it fits perfectly into your interior.After your order has been confirmed our talented craftsmen will star with the production ofyour art deco chandelier. it is made of brass according your wishes by using industrial silver to ensure the longevity and value!