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Art deco floor lamps, art deco style floor lamps

Art deco floor lamps

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Art deco floor lamps

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass, art deco floor lamps from Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our modern floor lamps which will decorate  your home!

Art deco floor lamps: art deco style luxury lamps from Patinas Lighting range

Would you like to enjoy the glamour of art deco at home?Discover our art deco floor collection, have a gem for your home.


Art deco symbolizes luxury and richness in an aesthetic and stylish way! If you are decorating your modern home have  a look at our art deco floor lamps collection where you can find the fitting piece to complement other art deco luminaires.


Art deco floor lamps are made of premium quality materials

The Patinas Lighting lamps are made to the highest standard and in case of art deco floor lamps we use only premium quality materials. The luminaires are made of solid brass and for the welding of tiniest parts we use only industrial silver.


Our art deco floor lamps are handmade with attention to detail

As all other Patinas lamps our art deco floor lamps are also result of manual craftmanship. We form our luminaires with greatest attention just as a jeweller would do with a gem. This dedication will ensure the quality of your art deco floor lamp. 


Our art deco floor lamps will remain valuable for generations to come

As all lamps made by us the art deco floor lamps will remain valuable for decades to come as well and will hopefully passed on from generation to generation.


Get in contact with us and have a beautiful art deco floor lamp which will be the decor of your home!