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Modern lamps: unique, handmade art deco lamps

Art deco lamps

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Art deco lamps

Grand assortment of Patinas Lighting's exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass art deco lamps, art deco style chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps and table lamps!

In the last 30 years we have manufactured several thousand special lamps from tiny ones to grand ones. For us, a perfectly satisfied customer and a perfectly crafted lamp is essential. We manufacture our 700 special lamps just like pieces of jewellery even in custom made sizes, and we also assure 10 years of guarantee. We go against the trends, thus we do not use iron and plastic but only delicate materials, such as pure brass. Having a great number of satisfied customers is a proof that we have chosen the right path: we offer lamps they cannot get elsewhere. Do be our Partner and we will give you a lasting value.

Style and elegance - Art Deco & Contemporary

Art Deco, the defining applied art and architectural style of the 1920s and 1930s started out in France. It is named after Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Moderne, shortly Art Decoratifs, the International Fair of Modern Art and Applied Art which was held in Paris in 1925.

In contrary to the organic sprawl of Art Nouveau decoration, Art Deco is all about geometric forms, streamlines and simplicity. The usage of finest raw materials and quality manufacturing results in works of art which could stand the test of time, now being more popular than ever. Art Deco furniture and lamps have been sought after, fashionable items for a quite a few years now. The lavish and groundbreaking design of Art Deco lighting suggests central role in an opulent period home.However, these highly stylish works of art will look astonishing not only in Art Deco inspired interiors, but also in currently popular, minimalistic living spaces. Many home owners tend to forget the importance of lighting when they are about to choose materials and interior items. However, even the most beautiful parquette or elaborate drapery will lose its charm if lit by mass products made of plastic. The choice of timeless Art Deco lamps is evidence of finest taste. Finding the right lamps is not easy though, since only a few companies manufacture genuine Art Deco style lamps, and originals are hard to find or highly expensive.


Hungary prides itself with the company where you can find the biggest and finest selection or Art Deco lamps. Patinás Lighting Ltd. has been manufacturing lamps for more than 30 years, just the way as artisans a century ago. Our products are made manually in most elaborate fashion, using pure brass, crystals and glass. 300 of our 700 lamps are of Art Deco and Bauhaus design. In 2017 we have launched a contemporary collection inspired by the well known Art Deco designs.

We have moved towards a cleaner direction, forming our lamps to a collection of square and cuboid forms. As previous models here too we have used crystal clear glasses (tubes and plates) and one of the finest metals; brass, which is available in 5 finishes. Whichever style your interior was inspired by, we are sure you will find the perfect lamp to suit you. Do visit our showroom in Bajza str. 62, Budapest, Hungary to take a look at our gems.