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Art deco table lamps, art deco style table lamps

Art deco table lamps

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Art deco table lamps

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass art deco  table lamps in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our art deco style table lamps which will decorate  your home!

Art deco table lamps handmade from brass, from Patinás Lámpa

Enjoy the sparkle and unparalleled luxury in your home with our art deco table lamps! Discover the dazzling, detailed world of art deco style and have your lamp decorate your home.


We invite you into the world of glamour lovers with our art deco table lamp collections, which are also available for your home. Sparkling streams of light, elegant glass tubes, durable and beautiful brass - this is what characterizes the art deco table lamps of Patinas Lighting. Learn more about their exclusivity!


Art deco table lamps, handmade using traditional lamp crafting techniques

Each piece of the Patinas Lighting collections is like a uniquely made piece of jewellery. Even in the case of our art deco table lamps, every piece is delicately processed after your order, with the highest precision - thus ensuring that your art deco table lamp is bordering on perfection.


Art deco table lamps mde of brass soldered with industrial silver

Quality is our passion! We also have one goal only on mind when manufacturing our art deco table lamps: we want to serve our customers with an excellent sense of style with valuable, eternal pieces. We want to achieve this not only with the precise production process already mentioned above, but also with carefully selected raw materials: all our lamps are made of high-quality brass that can be formed well, and for soldering even of the smallest elements we use industrial silver.


These  processes ensure that your art deco table lamp will be passed down from generation to generation to decorate your family home or serve your visitors, be it a hotel, a museum or a listed building.

Art deco table lamps based on a unique design

Among the Patinas Lighting collections, you will find more than 700 exclusive luxury lamps, including our art deco table lamps. In addition to the production process and the raw materials used, the specialty of our products lies in their uniqueness: we ourselves have designed their luminaires down to the smallest decorative element.


Art deco table lamps also custommade

Our lighting fixtures, including our art deco table lamps, are always manufactured uopn your order, so we can even take your individual requests into account during production. You have the option to choose the finish of the lamp when ordering! Our art deco lamps, like our other products, are available in shiny and matt brass, shiny and matt nickel, and antique finishes.