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Art nouveau ceiling fitting, art nouveau style ceiling fitting

Art nouveau ceiling fittings

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Art nouveau ceiling fittings

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, art nouveau lamps in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our art nouveau style lamps which will  be the jewels of your home!



The look and trade-marks of art nouveau ceiling fittings

The ceiling lamps made in art noveau style bear the most important marks of the previous turn-of-century style. The floral stylized motifs combined with geomatrical forms give an eternal and elegant appearance to art nouveau lamps where the wavy lines and organic motifs rule the space.


We offer our art nouveau ceiling lamps with love to every homeowner who is blessed with great taste and wants to smuggle a bit of luxury into his palace! One can personalize the art nouveau ceiling lamps by choosing the right finish or glasses, thus making them work in classical or modern environment.


Handmade production of art nouveau ceiling lamps according personal request

Each piece of Patinás Lighting’s luxury collection and art nouveau lamps as well are made by hand according tradicionl techniques. This way the art nouveau ceiling lamp ordered by you will be unique which will represent value for decades to come!


In order to perfectly customize your art nouveau ceiling lamp you can specify the total drop and also the finish of the luxury product which can be: antique, shiny or matt brass, shiny or matt nickel.


High end Art nouveau ceiling lamps:made of sustainable material such as brass and glass 

At Patinas Lighting when designing the collection we had one goal: to give value to our Customers. This why, when making luxury lamps, art nouveau ceiling lamps we work only with best materials! The luminaires are exclusively made of brass and for welding we use solely industrial silver which will last forever!  Due to this traditional technique your art nouveau ceiling lampwill represent value in decades to come.


This is how your art nouveau ceiling lamp is made

You can see all art nouveau ceiling lamps designed by us on our website where you can choose your favourite. Naturally we are open for specific requests: please let us know about the finish you would like to have for your lamp.


After we have received your enquiry we will gladly get in contact with you to specify your requirements and then we can start the production of your art nouveau ceiling lamp which will take 10-12 weeks.


After the production period of 10-12 weeks we will arrange the shipping. There is nothing else you need to do, only enjoy the beautiful art nouveau ceiling lamp.