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Art nouveau lamps: unique, handmade, art nouveau style lamps

Art nouveau lamps

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Art nouveau lamps

Grand assortment of Patinas Lighting's exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass art nouveau lamps, art nouveau style chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps and table lamps!

The revolution of art at the end of the 19th century

Art Nouveau, Modern Styles, Modernismo, Style Liberty, Jugendstil; all these names refer to the same revolutional visual art movement known as szecesszió in Hungary. One of the most prominent centres of the new direction was Vienna, where in 1897 49 artists withdrew from academic art movements to found their own exhibition place called Secession. The ornate style conquered Europe rapidly. If you have visited Barcelona, you must have seen and felt the essence of Art Nouveau. Gaudis wonderfully ornate, fascinating buildings are masterpieces which impress all of us. However, Viennese Art Nouveau is almost purist when compared to the lush design found in Catalonia. Its buildings are defined by soft lines and curves and little floral décor, almost bearing similarities with Bauhaus. The finest examples of Art Nouveau in Budapest include the Museum of Applied Arts, Institute of Geology and Postal Savings Bank (now National Treasury). Other noteworthy buildings countrywide are Cifrapalota in Kecskemét, Reökpalota in Szeged and the Town Hall in Szabadka. For obvious historical reasons (Hungary being part of Austro-Hungarian monarchy) architects drew inspiration from Viennese Secession. Nowdays playful elements in architecture and interior design are rare. Functionality reigns over imagination, minimalism is the new king. Fortunately there are more and more home owners who feel the need to decorate their white, practical living spaces. The best and most special way to give a room a special feel is a remarkable lamp. A Gaudi inspired lamp or a Viennese chandelier in nickel finish can easily be the it-piece of a modern room. Many home owners tend to forget the importance of lighting when they are about to choose materials and interior items: however even the most beautiful parquette or elaborate drapery will lose its charm if lit by mass products made of plastic. The choice of timeless Art Nouveau lamps is evidence of finest taste. They complement the edgy modern design furniture in unique fashion. Finding the right lamps is not easy though, since only a few companies manufacture genuine Art Nouveau style lamps, and originals are hard to find or highly expensive. Hungary prides itself with the company where you can find the biggest and finest selection of Art Nouveau lamps. Patinás Lámpa Ltd has been manufacturing lamps for more than 30 years, the way artisans did a century ago. Our products are made manually in most elaborate fashion, using pure brass, crystals and glass (the shades are made of Murano glass solely). 250 of our 700 lamps are of Art Nouveau design. No matter what style your interior was inspired by, we are sure you will find the perfect custom made lamp to suit it. Do visit our showroom in 62, Bajza St. in Budapest to take a look at our gems.


Art Nouveau lamps: luxury lamp collection in Art Nouveau style from Patinas Lighting

Are you looking for luxury lamps for your uniquely styled home? Discover our collection of Art Nouveau-style lamps, which are handmade from high-quality brass. A special stylistic trend of the turn of the previous century, Art Nouveau was a magically atmospheric era of art. Its name in different languages is a great representation of the most important stylistic features: the French "art nouveau" refers to the new art, to secession, to separation. The German "Jugendstil" reflects on youthful modernity, while the Italian "Stile Liberty" reflects on the freedom represented by this stylistic direction. The revolutionary style of the time, the trend that rejuvenates art in the form of our luxury lamps, can even move into your home! Learn what makes these lamps so special. 


Luxurious Art Nouveau lamps from the Patinas Lighting: stylistic features on our lamps 

The Art Nouveau style expresses the hecticness and momentum of modern life, so this is also characteristic of the design of our lamps: stylized patterns of the flora, dashing lines, beautifully curved patterns dominate these pieces. Our Art Nouveau-style luxury lamps are enriched with finely crafted, small but spectacular details that will create a unique and inimitable atmosphere in your home! 


Art Nouveau-style lamps in luxury, handmade

Our Art Nouveau lamps are not only popular because for their enchanting design. Like all our lamps, these pieces are custom-made by hand after you place your order, so you can be sure that every single element of the lamp you receive will be perfect! We believe that the highest quality can never be achieved on an assembly line, so we make our lamps like a jeweller's favourite piece: with the utmost care, down to the smallest detail. 


Brass lamps with value-stable quality

It is not only our unique, traditional lamp manufacturing method that makes our Art Nouveau lamps so valuable, but also the materials used. Our luxury lamps are made of high-quality brass which remains beautiful and valuable for generations to come! To increase the quality, not only do we carefully select the material of the luminaires, but even when soldering even the smallest elements, only the best industrial silver is used.


Art Nouveau lamps tested multiple times to make sure you get the best

During the production of our lamps, we pay special attention to precision, but we also take the testing processes seriously. Each piece we make is reviewed and tested several times to make sure that you do not have any unpleasant surprises after receiving it.


Luxury Art Nouveau lamps with a 10-year

Just as we are confident of the high quality of our Art Nouveau lamps, we want you to be sure that you have made a good choice. This means that we offer a 10-year warranty on all luxury lamps we produce, but even after the warranty period expires, we are happy to see our lamps, whether it's a simple cleaning or repairing a damage!