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Art nouveau table lamps, art nouveau style table lamps

Art nouveau table lamps

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Art nouveau table lamps

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass art nouveau style table lamps in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our art nouveau style table lamps which will decorate  your home!

Art Nouveau table lamps: premium quality brass lamps in art nouveau style from Patinas Lighting

The timeless beauty of Art Nouveau style can now move into your home with our luxury table lamps! Discover our luxurious Art Nouveau lamps and create a unique atmosphere in your home.


Your lamps are not just a source of light in your home. With their light, these objects attract the attention of your guests, attract the eye, and serve as a focal point in a room - so their appearance is by no means negligible. If you are looking for a unique style and inimitable design in your home, you will definitely find the perfect piece for you among our Art Nouveau table lamps!


Luxury Art Nouveau table lamps with unique style features

For those who know the most important features of the Art Nouveau style, we do not need to explain the fantastic lines these artists create. Clean, geometric shapes and wavy ornamentation give these table lamps a dynamic look, which will serve as the centerpiece of your study or bedroom.


Luxury Art Nouveau table lamps made by hand, based on traditional crafting

The unique, luxurious Art Nouveau lamps we offer could not be further from mass products. We designed the appearance of the lamps down to the smallest decorative elements, crafting all parts by hand after you place your order.

With traditional lamp-making techniques, we can guarantee that your Patinas lamp will turn into a perfect piece from almost nothing, from raw materials, in our hands!

In addition, the work processes are interrupted by several checks - so that we can be sure that we will have a satisfied customer.


Luxury Art Nouveau table lamps of the highest quality

In addition to our production technique, the raw materials used ensure that your luxury Art Nouveau table lamp is delivered in a truly valuable design.

When creating our lamp structures, we only use the highest quality raw materials: these pieces are made of easy-to-shape brass, and even when soldering the smallest elements, we use only industrial silver.


Luxury Art Nouveau table lamps in a choice of colors

Every single piece is made by hand after your order, you can also choose the finish of your lamp. Our luxury Art Nouveau table lamps are available in a total of 5 finishes to suit your taste: we deliver them in shiny and matt brass, shiny and matt nickel or antique finish.