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Art nouveau wall lights, art nouveau style wall lights

Art nouveau wall lights

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Art nouveau wall lights

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass art nouveau wall lights in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our art nouveau wall lights which will decorate  your home!

Luxury Art Nouveau wall lights from the Patinas Lighting collections

Magnificent shine, delicate pattern and undulating floral shapes, which can be part of your home with an art nouveau wall light! Discover our art nouveau wall light range and enjoy luxury in your home.


If you like sophisticated decoration, unparalleled luxury and glamour, it's time to discover the art nouveau wall lights of Patinas Lighting! The elegance of the art nouveau style, fine lines and graceful lamps will serve as decoration for your home. However, Patinas luminaires will offer  even more to our customers with an excellent sense of style... So what? We wrote a few words about it below!


Art Nouveau wall lights made of premium quality materials

As in the case of all the unique lamps we make, we only work with the highest quality materials when manufacturing our Art Nouveau wall lights. The structure of the wall lights is made of high-quality brass, and we use only industrial silver for soldering!

The use of quality raw materials ensures the value of our Art Nouveau wall lights, but that is not the only reason our lamps are so special…


Art Nouveau wall lights custommade by hand

We believe that such an expensive and noble material deserves care. That's why we make our Art Nouveau wall lights individually in every case, by hand, upon ordering. In our factory, your lamp is created using traditional lamp-making processes - we pay as much care to each piece as if we were making a valuable and unique piece of jewelry!


Art Nouveau wall lights in a value-resistant design, even for several decades to come

The above ensures that our Art Nouveau wall lights are not only meant for a few years. Thanks to the durable design of our lamps, they can even become a family heirloom, as they can serve your home for generations!

Art Nouveau wall arms with a 10-year warranty

Yes, we are sure of it. Thanks to our precise manufacturing and assembly process, as well as the subsequent testing process, we know what we are getting out of our hands - and we also guarantee it.


Art Nouveau wall lights also available upon individual requests

Since we also make our Art Nouveau wall  lights according to your individual order, you have the opportunity to somewhat customize what you see in the collection. Choose the finish of your lamp: shiny or matt brass, shiny or matt nickel, or would an antique colour suit your home better?