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Art Deco & Contemporary Catalogue (high RES 170 MB or low RES 18 MB)

This wonderful 5th edition includes the finest examples of lamp designs originating from the 20’ of the 20th century.  We have added our own interpretation for those who like a cleaner line.

Art Nouveau Catalogue (high RES 170 MB or low RES 57 MB)

The 2019 edition is a summary of all art nouveau style lamps the Patinas’ craftsmen have made until today. This extensive book will show you how art nouveau works in the 21st century.

Bohém Catalogue

The booklet includes 4 beautiful lighting collections that are perfect for projects and private customers as well.

All Patinas lamps are handcrafted of solid brass and they are available in various brass and nickel finishes. The products are CE certified and the components for the US market are UL approved.

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Please note that our classical catalogue is currently „under construction”. Click here for all classical lamps.

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