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Our lamps are available in five finishes: antique, shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel and matt nickel.

Antique: is a result of a chemical treatment.

Shiny brass: the lamp is polished. As the Patinas polished brass lamps are not varnished they will slightly darken in years (this depends on the humidity of the space - cca 5-10 years).

Matt brass: elegant golden colour.

Shiny nickel: the brass lamp is nickeled. Dust or fingerprints should be removed with a dry,soft cloth.

Matt nickel: refined low-key silver colour.

Our suggestion: take care of your lamps just as about any decorative object.

Dust should be removed regularly with a dry, soft cotton cloth. For brass parts do NOT use any kind of detergent.

Glasses and glass tubes can be cleaned with a glass cleaner.




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