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Classical ceiling fittings, classical style ceiling fittings

Classical ceiling fittings

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Classical ceiling fittings

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, classical ceiling fittings in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our classical ceiling lamps which will decorate  your home!

Exclusive, premium quality handmade brass classical ceiling lamps from Patinas Lighting collection.

The classical ceiling lamps will enchant the same style interior,it will serve not only as lighting object, but as the highlight, the gem of the room.


In the history of Patinas Lighting classical style ceiling lamps, chandeliers and other classical lamps proved to be true milestones. The founder of our company, Károlyi György fell in love with these lamps: he was so enchanted by the glow of the old, antique pieces that he bought these in order to bring them to life. Soon after this passion turned to business, the company started making own classical ceiling fittings, which were later followed by more modern lamps.


Features of classical ceiling fitting collection

Our lamps also are marked by the classical style features. The classical ceiling lamps are always made according the client’s wishes using metal as brass, industrial silver as soldering material combined with glass.


Our classical ceiling lamps offer

The classsical ceiling lamps are essential part of our assortment, because every home needs light not only from classical chandelier, floor lamps and wall lights, but also from ceiling lamps. You can find classical ceiling lamps among our Bratislava, Eger, Győr, Pápa és Pécs collections, all which can be greatly combined with other members of the collections.


How your classical lamp is made?

Before we start with the traditional handmade production we settle all parameters and features of your classical lamp. Your lamp is exclusively made of brass which is one of the easiest metals to be formed and which will represent value for decades to come. During the production of 6 weeks our skilled colleagues will produce your ceiling lamp with greatest attention using only traditional techniques and afterwards they will control the quality. The only thing you need to do after recollectiong the lamp is to admire it. 


Classical ceiling lamps with 10 year warranty

We believe in the quality of our exclusive product assortment. This why we assure a 10-year guarantee, but you can count on us after this period as well! Our classical ceiling lamps will for decades be your family’s heritage, their value eternal.