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Classical chandeliers, classical style chandeliers

Classical chandeliers

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Classical chandeliers

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, classical chandeliers in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our classical style chandeliers which will decorate  your home!

Classical chandeliers: premium quality classical chandeliers from Patinas Lighting assortment

The classical style’s appearance, timesless beauty and elegance has been popular in our customer circle ever since. Discover our premium quality classical chandeliers, the Patinas Lighting luxury collection!


How classical chandeliers, premium quality luxury chandeliers are made

Our adoration for classical chandeliers, classical style luxury lamps has been undiminished since 1981. That was the year when Patinas Lighting’s journey started: my father, György Károlyi has procured original antique lamps and chandeliers at various fairs and auctions which he restored giving them chance to enlight a home.


During the first years he renovated various beautiful classical chandeliers, and the company underwent some changes: as our knowledge grew we have started to design our unique luxury lamp collection. This is how the Patinas Lighting’s classical collection was born, which still today is our most popular one!


Premium quality classical chandeliers, made by hand

The popularity of the classical style luxury chandeliers lies not only in their beauty, but also in the quality and value.  Our premium lamps are made of highest quality brass and for the tiniest decorative elements we use only industrial silver which ensures the longevity of your classical chandelier.


What makes these lamps valuable is not only the material, but the production technique: each piece of our collection is made by hand using traditional solutions which ensure the perfect end result.


Classical chandeliers with special requirements according your needs

As you can see, all lamps are handmade in premium quality according the client’s wishes. There is also possibility to customize the lamps. You can also define the finish of our classical chandeliers: whether it is made in matt brass, shiny brass, antique, matt nickel or shiny nickel, your luxury lamp will fit the style of your home.