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Classical table lamps, classical style table lamps

Classical table lamps

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Classical table lamps

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass, classical table lamps from Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our classical style table lamps which will decorate  your home!

Classical table lamps in a luxurious edition with an exclusive look from Patinas Lighting

Are you looking for an elegant and valuable lighting solution for your classical -style home? Discover our luxury classical table lamps and decorate your home in the name of uniqueness!


Our sophisticated clients appreciate mostly our classical table lamps. Magical details, beautiful, meticulously crafted brass parts, in a high quality design and  in the spirit of luxury... But what makes Patinas Lighting different, and why are our classical table lamps so popular? Let us find out!


Classical table lamps - meticulous design, rich in detail

One of the most common reasons why our customers choose us is the unique design and original style. We design each and every piece ourselves, and we manufacture them at your request, even taking individual aspects into account! If you want to dress up your home in an unique style, you like the elegance and sophistication of the classical style, you will love these lamps!


Classical table lamps made of high quality brass

Our lamps are not valuable because of their uniqueness only. Our classical table lamps, like every single piece of our collection, are made from carefully selected materials. The base material of our classical table lamps is brass which will remain perfect for generations. For soldering of the smallest elements we use only the best materials like industrial silver.


Classic table lamps made by hand, individually crafted

We believe that a lamp is not only a light fixture in the home, but also its jewel. Accordingly, we work on our classical table lamps in the same way as a goldsmith would on a precious piece: by hand, paying attention to even the smallest elements, with the greatest precision.

Although we work also with modern technology in our factory - since this is a basic requirement for sockets and other parts, we still manufacture lamps using traditional, artisanal methods, thus ensuring that our classical table lamps also reach the limit of perfection.


Classical table lamps, lasting design with a 10-year warranty

The above ensures that our lamps, including our classical table lamps, represent value even for decades to come! Just like an antique chandelier, an original piece would do.

We are so sure of this that we happily offer a 10-year warranty on every lamp we make.