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Exclusive Czech crystal ceiling fittings and chandeliers offered by Patinas Lighting

Czech crystal ceiling fittings and chandeliers

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Czech crystal ceiling fittings and chandeliers

Wonderful, premium quality Czech crystal lamps, ceiling fittings and chandeliers offered by Patinas Lighting. Discover the shine of Czech crystal lamps and enjoy the glitz in your home!

It decorates your home like a piece of jewelry. Discover our luxury crystal chandeliers, which fill the space with brilliance!

A chandelier is not only a source of light for a room, but also serves as a focal point. It attracts attention with its light, highlights the beauty of the space, and makes your home shine. Why give up luxury in case of such an important product? With our crystal lamps, you can display your refined taste and elegance - whether in the living room, the dining room or any other room.


The Czech crystal chandeliers fill the space with unparalleled brilliance.

There is something about crystal chandeliers that dazzles us. The light bulb behind the small, magically clear stones looks brighter and more brilliant, as the crystals magically scatter the light in the room - thus lending your home a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Whether it is a classic, detailed and multi-arm Czech crystal chandelier, or a modern, clean and sophisticated crystal chandelier that fits into your home, you will find your favorite in our offer!


Czech crystal chandeliers, made of genuine Czech lead glass.

We can say without exaggeration that these pieces are the queens of crystal chandeliers. Czech crystal is justly famous for its unparalleled brilliance - but what makes these Czech crystal lamps unlike any other?

Crystal glass is especially known for its decorative function. 


However, there is also a difference between crystal glass and crystal glass. The crystal chandeliers we sell are made of the well-known and desired Czech crystal, which is made of lead glass. Its refraction is outstanding, so by placing these "diamonds" on crystal lamps, one can achieve a magical end-result.

The crystals placed on Czech crystal chandeliers are always perfect. In accordance with quality requirements, these decorative elements must not contain air bubbles - their surface must be completely smooth, transparent, and shiny.


Czech crystal chandeliers that radiate luxury

In today's modern world, it is rare to find a product that radiates true, value-resistant luxury - but our Czech crystal chandeliers excel in this. Their history goes back for centuries, but one thing seems to be true:Czech crystal chandeliers are considered a luxury product and they reflect the particularly refined taste of their owner.