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Czech crystal lamps, ceiling fitting and wall lamps, wall lights

Czech crystal lamps

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Czech crystal lamps


Czech crystal lamps

Exclusive Czech crystal lamps, Czech crystal ceiling fittings and chandeliers, wall lamps and wall lights in Patinas Lighting's assortment for endless sparkle.

Czech crystal lamps distributed by Patinas Lighting

Your lamp is not only a light source for your home but also a decoration. With our luxury crystal lamps, Czech crystal chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and wall lamps, you can smuggle a hint of sparkle and shine into any room!


Vibrating lights in your home with our Czech crystal lamps

Cleanliness and shine have symbolized luxury and wealth since the beginning of time. Crystal lamps will support this vision in home furnishing: as the outstanding character of the room, they attract the eye with their light, and with their appearance, they present the owner's excellent sense of style and sophistication.

Our crystal lamps represent the highest quality we are used to, which is reflected in both their durability and beauty. The purity and luster of crystals decorating the luxury lamps fill the space with brilliance and decorate your home as if it was a piece of jewellery!


What makes the Czech stained glass, from which the crystal lamps are made, so special?

The Czech crystal lamps we offer are made of high-quality Czech lead glass, which has symbolized luxury since their existence. In the category also referred to as the queen of lamps, our customers will find crystal chandeliers, crystal ceiling lamps, and crystal wall lamps that will decorate any interior as valuable and sophisticated pieces.

The reputation of lead glass is known worldwide: the decorative function of crystal glass is unquestionable. But what makes crystal lamps shine so beautifully?

The crystal lead glass used in the case of Czech crystal lamps is a high-quality material made with a precise process that makes the crystal elements shine even more dazzlingly. Among crystal lead glass, Czech crystal represents the premium category, which is made of calcium-potassium glass, so it is cleaner and more transparent than all other crystal glasses! The light refraction of these elements is outstanding, which promises a splendid glow for your interior as a lamp.


Czech crystal lamps for every room in your home, with a harmonious appearance

Harmony is extremely important in interior design, so why not pay attention to this when choosing your lamps? In our offer, you will find crystal lamps suitable for every room: our ceiling lamps and chandeliers will dominate the upper part of the rooms and the space can bi filled with matching crystal wall lamps, table lamps or floor lamps.