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Premium quality Italian door handles

Italian door handles

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Italian door handles

Stunning Italian door handles are available at Patinas and all match perfectly our lamps. Pasini Ltd. has been involved in designing and producing indoor and outdoor handles, window handles, pull handles, entrance trim sets since 1980.
They use the same material as we do: brass. Different finishes are also available: shiny brass, dark antique, shiny chrome, silver plated, gold plated and graphite. The authenticity of the products is certified by Certilogo.

Exclusive, Italian luxury door handles offered by Patinas Lighting

Every little detail counts. Discover the luxury brass handles of the Italian brand Pasini and transform the doors into a decorative element in your home!


Our handmade brass lamps ensure the brightness of your home and the exclusive appearance of the rooms at the same time, and we wanted to expand our portfolio with matching luxurious products. 

So get to know the luxury handles of the Italian brand Pasini and discover the possibilities!


Why Pasini luxury handles?

When we first came across Pasini's range of luxury Italian door handles, we were delighted to discover how well they would look in combination with our brass lamps in an elegant home! The style, workmanship, quality and design of the door and window handles matched our handmade lamps so perfectly that we knew right away: we want to present these masterpieces to our own customers and make them available in the spirit of complexity.


Discover Pasini's luxury door handles, learn more about the Italian brand!

We are committed to quality, and this is true not only for the lamps we make, but also for the other products we sell. Since 1980, the Pasini company has been a well-known and recognized player in the Italian market, as far as luxury products are concerned. Their portfolio includes products such as quality outdoor and indoor doorknobs, door and window handles, and furniture knobs made of brass.


Luxury handles, made of high quality materials

Just like our own lamps, Pasini's luxury handles are made of brass - an easy-to-shape, durable and beautiful material for these products. We believe that a well-chosen accessory should saty within your home forever so it is important to that it remains durable and valuable, even for decades - and this is also presented to our  customers by Pasini's luxury doorknobs!


Types and appearance of Pasini luxury door handles

Pasini's Italian handles are available in a variety of styles and with a variety of looks, so we are sure that all our customers with a great sense of style will find the perfect piece for them. Brass door handles are made in modern, classic and art nouveau styles and come in many designs: you can find shiny copper, dark antique, and a handle with a shiny chrome surface, but you can also find silver-plated, gold-plated and graphite types in the range.


Pasini luxury handles from Italy, with various accessories