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Modern chandeliers, modern style chandeliers

Modern chandeliers

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Modern chandeliers

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, modern chandeliers in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our  modern style chandeliers which will decorate  your home!

Premium quality modern chandeliers from Patinas Lighting collection

You are searching for a modern chandelier for your home that will enlighten your room? Discover the most beautiful pieces of the modern chandelier collection and their advances.


A modern chandelier is the most spectacular piece of a room: its shine and light will attract your eye and it will determine the look of your space. A premium quality exclusive modern chandelier will not only serve as lightsource, but as the gem of your home.


Modern chandeliers made by hand in traditopnal way

The Patinas Lighting modern chandeliers are marked by duality: modern on the outlook and handmade by traditional luminaire manufacturing technique. Quality is the most important mark of all luminaires we make: after you place your order, your modern chandelier will be custommade with highest attention to detail.


Modern chandelier made of premium quality materials for longevity

What makes our modern chandeliers valuable is not only the precise production, but the premium quality materials: for the production of our luminares we do not use low quality materials, only brass and industrial silver for welding.

This way you will get high end luminaires with 10 year warranty which will serve your family for decades to come!


Modern chandeliers,  custommade design

We at Patinas Lighting are committed to quality and uniqueness. This why our modern chandeliers  always have a unique design. You can browse among seven hundred products on our website which are all parts of collections in different styles. Your chandelier is always made upon your wishes and whatsmore you can choose between different finshes as well be it matt/shiny nickel, matt/shiny brass or antique.


Modern chandeliers in various styles

Main goal of interior design is a harmony: fitting furniture and accessoires are extremely important end goal. Our modern chandeliers are all part of large collections which also include wall lights, pendants, table and floor lamps, all to enhance the harmony of your room.