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Modern lamps: unique, handmade moder stylen lamps

Modern lamps

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Modern lamps

Grand assortment of Patinas Lighting's exclusive, premium quality, modern, handmade brass  lamps, modern style  chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps and table lamps!

Luxury modern lamps in the range of Patinas Lighting

Are you looking for a luxurious modern lamp for your home that will brighten up the space? Get to know Patinas Lighting’s modern-style lamps and create an elegant atmosphere in any room!


Modern-style homes and clean interior design require you to choose your accessories carefully. Since there are typically relatively few decorative elements in these interiors, it is worth paying special attention to them: the luxurious modern lamps of Patinas Lighting are a perfect choice, as they simply attract the eye with their light and decorate the space with their appearance, like a real piece of jewellery. Discover the uniqueness of our lamps and find your favorite in our range!


Luxury modern lamps for every room

In our range of luxury modern lamps, you will find the right lamp for every room in your home. Among our collections, we offer luxury ceiling lamps and chandeliers, luxury wall lamps, pendants, and luxury table and floor lamps, so that your lamps can complement each other and decorate the space according to their style. Discover our most beautiful pieces!


Luxury modern lamps traditionally made by hand

In terms of sockets and quality, we do not fall below the most modern expectations, however, the structures of the lamps are still made by hand using traditional techniques. After your order, taking into account your requests, we develop each piece like a piece of jewellery, down to the smallest details: this process ensures that your luxury modern lamp represents the highest possible quality!


Luxury modern lamps in four different finishes so you can find your favourite for every interior!

Our lamps are made of precious brass, but we are also aware that this golden colour does not suit every interior. That's why you can choose the finish of your lamp in the case of our luxury modern lamps: shiny and matt nickel, shiny and matt brass, and we can also manufacture any of our lamps in an antique finish!