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Modern table lamps, modern style table lamps

Modern table lamps

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Modern table lamps

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, brass, modern table lamps from Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover our modern style table lamps which will decorate  your home!

Modern table lamps

Are you looking for a luxurious, modern table lamp for your home? Discover the unique pieces of Patinas Lighting’s stylish modern collections and smuggle a little sparkle into the room!


The combination of traditional lamp manufacturing techniques and premium quality materials with the most important features of modern style results in pieces of incomparable beauty.
This duality gives our modern table lamps a very special look: the clean lines and simple, modern design fit perfectly into your home, whether it's a bright room in art deco style or a modern room with a minimal twist.


At the beginning of our company's history, we fell in love with classical-style, antique pieces. We bought unique pieces at auctions, which we brought back to life with attention to detail, but we quickly realized that we also wanted to experience the beauty of manufacturing, so we quickly started producing lamps of our own design.


As we designed our exclusive luxury lamps ourselves, we could also choose the style: in addition to the classic pieces, art nouveau, Art Deco and modern table lamp designs were soon born within the walls of our factory, which are still popular pieces in our collections to this day. But what do you need to know about the Patinas lamps, our modern table lamps?


Handmade modern table lamps from Patinas Lighting

As with all our lamps, our modern table lamps are made by hand according to traditional manufacturing processes, paying attention to the smallest details and perfection. Of course, our factory cannot lack sockets  that meet modern expectations, but we like to design our lamps and modern table lamps as if they were real jewelry: meticulously, precisely and with passion.


Modern table lamps made of brass, of the highest quality

We believe that value-resistant quality has a place even in today's fast-paced world. We also make our modern table lamps with this approach, which covers not only the production technology, but also the materials used.

For our modern table lamps, we also work with brass for the body of the lamps: this material is easy to form, valuable and durable, and gives each piece a magnificent appearance.

Moving away from the classic line, however, in the case of our modern table lamps we work with borosylicate glass tubes, whose clean appearance and dazzling light will look perfect in your home!


Modern table lamps with a choice of finishes to fit perfectly into any home

Since we make our modern table lamps by hand after ordering, we have the opportunity of customization to a certain degree. During your request for an offer, you can specify the finish of the selected modern table lamp for your home: shiny or matt brass, shiny or matt nickel, and we are also happy to make them in antique finish.


Modern table lamps in a value-resistant design

Thanks to the above, Patinas Lighting’s modern table lamps are not made to last for just a few years, like the usual fast-fashion pieces. Our lamps will serve you and your family for decades or generations to come. Thanks to the use of materials and precise manufacturing processes, our modern table lamps will be valuable and durable, for which we provide a 10-year warranty!