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How to buy on Patinas Lighting's webpage

How to buy

How to buy

Our lamps are produced by our craftsmen in our manufacture unit close to Budapest in Felsőpakony. Our craftsmen need  currently  cca. 6 -8 weeks for the production. During this period we will gladly update you on the production with photos. The lamp is packed eco-friendly and safely to be delivered to you. Big lamps are semi-assembled and the diffusors (glass shades, fabric shades or glass hangings) are packed separately within the box. We issue a 10-year guarantee for all Patinas lamps.

Chosing your favourite product

You can choose from more than 700 unique handmade lamps on our website. Our exclusive products represent the highest quality available, giving your room a special “gem” that lasts a lifetime. 

Our premium quality lamps are made individually according to your requests. That is why there is no possibility for direct purchase on our website - as we want all the parameters of the selected product to be completely tailored to your needs.


If you have found the perfect lamp,  request a quote! However, if you would like, after your request our colleagues are at your disposal to dream the jewelry of your room together. The purchase - and the start of the production process - is always done after the details have been agreed.


Finishes of your lamp

Our lamps are available in five finishes: antique, shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel and matt nickel.
Antique: is a result of a chemical treatment.

Shiny brass: the lamp is polished. As the Patinas polished brass lamps are not varnished they will slightly darken in years (this depends on the humidity of the space - cca 5-10 years).

Matt brass: elegant golden colour.

Shiny nickel: the brass lamp is nickeled. Dust or fingerprints should be removed with a dry,soft cloth.

Matt nickel: refined low-key silver colour.


About the Patinas' factory


In the fall of 2015  we have moved to our new 2000 m2 modern factory, which is situated in Hungary, in Pest county.
Our production department is marked with duality, just like our products: this is the place where the historical expertise and  the traditional manufacturing meets the modern era standards.

We are proud to say, that in our manufacturing unit, we not only produce, but this is where our new ideas emerge, where the  plans are made and the  lamp prototypes are born. This is where theory turns into practice, where raw material  becomes the jewel of your home. 


At present 44 diligent hands look after our costumer needs, to create the perfect product.


Packaging in accordance with environment consciousness and safety

We are naturally aware of the importance of environment protection and recycling. This is of great significance not only during production but also during packaging. Our company introduced packaging using recycled material in 2008. Previously used cardboard is crimped by a special machine in order to be used for safe packaging and space filling. Crimped cardboard can be reused or is remade as a cardboard box.


You can be sure that you make the right decision when you choose a Patinas lamp!
Due to the usage of the best materials (pure brass, German porcelain sockets, double-isolated cables) and  accurate production, we issue for each and every one of our products a ten-year guarantee. If the metal is not varnished it will change with time (discoloration, spots) . Please do use the sent cotton gloves for installation in order to protect the surface from any spots.

Moreover, we will not let you down even after expired warranty.  We know our lamps inside out, so feel free to contact us if your lamp needs fixing.  The damage can be caused only by external influences, such as a badly kicked football. The probability of technical damage is very low.


We always use fine materials such as industrial silver during production, so our objective is avoiding brassed iron and plastic as much as possible in order to manufacture lasting products. 




Contact us, our colleague will contact you shortly!