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Exclusive table lamps and floor lamps made of brass

Table lamps and floor lamps

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Table lamps and floor lamps

You too can have one of our jewel-like brass table lamps or floor lamps. Discover Patinas Lighting's premium quality products that come with a 10 year warranty.

Luxury table and floor lamps from Patinas Lighting

 For many of us, the table and floor lamps in our homes are already such a mundane thing that we almost don't even notice them. But when the tim comes to spice up the atmosphere of the apartment with new luxury pieces, the choice is not so easy! There are so many options, many designs available: and although they may seem similar at first glance, in fact there are huge differences in quality, durability and style between different luxurious table and floor lamps. 


But what makes the luxurious table and floor lamps of  Patinas Lighting different? Discover the difference that makes our luxury lamps so valuable!


Luxurious table and floor lamps: perfection, handmade. 

Luxury, exclusivity lies in the details. Our customers at Patinas Lighting who buy luxury table lamps and floor lamps, will not pay for the label, but solely for perfection. Our lamps are made by hand with the utmost care: we create the smallest details with great precision, just as the jeweller creates his jewellery. 


Timeless design and construction: high-quality luxury table lamps and floor lamps 

The luminaires are made of high-quality brass – and we use industrial silver to solder even the tiniest elements, which guarantees that your lamp will truly convey a sense of luxury to your home.


Experience and creativity in the production of our luxury table and floor lamps

If you are looking for luxurious table lamps and floor lamps, an important aspect is whether the manufacturer has been operating for a long time. Experience is an irreplaceable value that can also serve as a basis for quality and reliability, and if you choose a luxury lamp manufacturer that has been on the market for a long time, you can be sure that they will remain available. Patinas Lighting has been dealing with luxury lamps since 1981. Although in the early years we were mostly engaged in the renovation and restoration of "only" antique pieces, 5 years after the beginning we were already working on creating our own pieces, so with decades of experience behind us, we guarantee that your luxury table lamp or floor lamp will also be a timeless, beautiful piece.


Care and warranty: the customers of our luxury table and floor lamps are entitled to it!

Truly authentic businesses understand the value and durability of their products. We ourselves know that we represent quality, for which we also provide a guarantee! We also give you a 10-year warranty on your luxury table or floor lamp, so you can be sure you've made the right choice. We also know exactly that buying such a luxury product is not an easy decision and requires support. Our excellent colleagues treat all our customers as VIP customers: personal contact and care are essential for us. However, we welcome our lamps even after decades: whether it's repairing an injury or a general cleaning, you can count on us!