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Discover the history of handmade, unique brass lamps! The Patinas Lighting's craftmen have been making exclusive, premium quality lamps since 1981.

Our history

Our history

It all started back in 1981…

It all started with my father, procuring original antique lamps and chandeliers at various fairs and auctions back in 1981. He was enchanted by their beauty and elegance, so he decided to get more and more. In the beginning our company only restored and sold these lamps, but five years after the birth of the company we came up with the idea to design and produce our own ones. Our first collection of twenty self-designed lamps was discovered by German and Austrian antiquity vendors. Soon after establishing contact with additional vendors, we became experts on antique lamps ever since.


In 1999 we opened our first showroom which was modest in size, measuring only 40 square metres. In our manufacture we employed 5 artisans who started producing our first lampcollections which consisted of the existing chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling fittings, pendants and table lamps.

My father retired from business in 2006 and with this came bold changes in our company.


We opened a large, 141 square metre showroom, which was worthy of our products. It was designed by a renowned interior designer, and inhabited by numerous chandeliers, fittings, wall lights.Their shiny presence cannot leave a visitor uninpressed!


Our products started getting well-known in Hungary: one of the milestones was an order from the Parliament of Hungary, which we are very proud of.


In 2008 we decided to expand internationally, consequently the first step in this direction was showcasing our products at the famous Denkmal Fair for Monument Conservation in Leipzig, Germany. As its name suggests, the fair deals with conservation and preserving of antique objects, be it a facade, door, window or even a house, thus keeping them for generations to come. Our company was one of the ten participants to be awarded with the prestigious Gold medal for production of classic, Art Nouveau and Art Deco lamps.


By 2008 our assortment consisted of almost 400 lamps, which we doubled by 2012. The lamps have all been patented. Ever since we have been designing and developing and expanding.


One of our first partners was Nirvana Lighting Ltd. for which we supplied lamps which can be seen in various pubs and restaurants in Europe and even in Middle East. In the previous two years we established many fruitful business contacts which ended with our lamps hanging in many illustrious venues such as the Kreml in Moscow.


Now we manufacture manually about 1000 products- handcrafted, at our manufacture - in Hungary and we are constantly working on new models which are regularly presented on our website.


We are very proud of crafting elegant and stylish lighting, their elaborate design, the precise craftmanship of our reliable artisans and last, but not least bringing value and quality to many locations around the world. We are happy to see you soon as our satisfied customer.


For our lamps, the future looks bright!


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