Yana Monobrand Boutique, Almaty, Kazakhstan

We like to think of our lamps as jewels of interiors, this is why we were more than thrilled when we were approached by an upmarket jewelry business to offer them lamps worthy of their premise.

Its owner, Yana Raskovalova, has her fingers in many pies; next to jewelry, she also designs shoes, bags and clothes. We first met the entrepreneur and her interior designer Gonzalo Mendiola at Maison & Objet fair in Paris a few years ago, as they were looking for inspiration for Yana’s new home in Moscow. The meeting resulted in manufacturing two bespoke chandeliers. Little did we know that we would hear from her soon. Her new designer had very clear ideas about the design of Yana’s jewelry boutique; we don’t lay it thick when we say that the boutique itself is the jewel of the shopping mall. The dazzling interior is made up of mirrors and reflections, thus epitomizing the word luxury in its truest form. The cherry on this sparkling cake is our contribution consisting of three Monaco chandeliers and matching Nizza table lamps. The delicate glass tubes are wondrously multiplied by the mirrors, and so are the playful reflections, making the shopping experience one of a kind delight. As the only colour in the shop beside white was silver, we were asked to manufacture the lamps in shiny nickel finish. We were also asked for a five week deadline, which we happily accepted.

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