Les Jalles Restaurant, Paris, French

In 2015, we created art deco lamps for the art deco style restaurant Les Jalles, located in the heart of Paris, between the Opera Garnier and Vendome square.

The exclusive collections of Patinas Lighting fit perfectly  to the French elegance. Nothing proves this better than the fact that many famous local restaurants have already chosen our company’s services, and thus the interiors of various French restaurants are still decorated with our traditionally crafted handmade brass lamps.

One of these is Restaurant Les Jalles which is located in rue des Capucines, a magical street in Paris.

Les Jalles restaurant: classy restaurant decorated with art deco elements

The Les Jalles restaurant was designed with fantastic interior design solutions: the restaurant mainly has classic style features, but many decorative elements also feature art deco. This site has an elegant appearance, it is enriched with modern elements. Is located in the heart of Paris, between the Opera Garnier and Vendome Square, near the Tuileries Garden, in a typical French downtown building – so even the road leading there is a real experience for the guests.

At the beginning of the renovation of the restaurant, the owner had a chat with his employees on the style – and that’s how our company and the lamps we produce came into the picture. The manager of the restaurant was acquanted with our work and recommended us to the owner and the interior designer, who gladly accepted the idea and contacted us in 2015.

They have chosen lamps from our standard catalogue, and asked for antique finish.

Lamps selected this project

The restaurant has a two-level interior: on the ground floor, in the a la carte part of the restaurant, guests can admire the exclusive collections of Patinas Lighting, as well as in the separate rooms on the upper floor, suitable for organizing private parties.

Lamps selected for the ground floor:

– Hoffmann 3 armed chandelier

– Hoffmann 6 armed chandelier

– Hoffmann wall light I.

– Petitot wall light II/2.

Lamps selected for the 1st floor:

– Petitot chandelier IV

– Petitot wall light II/2.

– Triest picture light

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