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Petitot ceiling fitting III., exclusive handmade brass lamp in Art deco, Modern style

Petitot ceiling fitting III.

Petitot ceiling fitting III.

Once in a while there is a lamp which surpasses all expectations, captures all of the key elements and qualities one would expect from Patinas and quite frankly takes design and concept to the next level. The Petitot ceiling fitting III we feel ticks all of these boxes. From its truly eye-catching design to its art deco geometrics which could have come from the mind of Cedric Gibbons himself to its playful nature this solid brass handcrafted interior ceiling light is simply perfect.  Whether in the home or at the workplace its dimensions of 30×80×22 cm make it the perfect lighting solution for a myriad of locations, from the boardroom to the function room to the reception area and everywhere in-between. Hoteliers and restaurateurs, you are invited to liaise to one of our business lighting consultants to discuss themed lighting utilising this and other members of the Petitot family to create a unique and unforgettable aesthetic. Its output of 4×60 W/E14 combined with the aforementioned diffusion allows for the perfect lighting solution whether as part of a grouping or on its own, and with a range of five finishes available (antique, shiny and matt brass, shiny and matt nickel) one can be assured of a lamp which will easily compliment its chosen location. All of our products are handmade and hand finished, and what's more, we offer, at no extra cost to the client,  both a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind and a selection of spare crystal rods, after all, accidents do happen. To view this or any other product we extend a warm and friendly invite to visit our showroom where one of our dedicated team will be more than happy to be of assistance.


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30 cm
Minimum height
30 cm
80x22 cm
2.4 kg
antique,shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel, matt nickel
4x60 W E14
Optional finish
Optional finish


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