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Budapest 12 armed chandelier, exclusive handmade brass lamp in Classic style

Budapest 12 armed chandelier

Budapest 12 armed chandelier

This grand Budapest chandelier is equally sleek and gracile. The arms and the deco have been re-chiselled meticulously in every little detail. The lamp was inspired by the original from the end of 1800s, and looks astonishing in antique and gold finish. Should you like it even more extragant, ask for nickel finish. The body lamp and the arms are manufactured with greatest care. The lamp can be fitted with conical or round frosted glasses and it is 100 % Hungarian product. We produce it from pure brass in shiny, antique and nickel finishes, save for the holding frame which is made of steel to ensure stability. The chandelier can be made longer and larger. Its sockets are porcelain ones, so they can be fitted with traditional and LED bulbs. We recommend it for usage in grand interiors where the room height measures minimum 3, 5 metres.Take some time to have a really close look at the lamp: it is, just like every lamp of ours, crafted with great care, just like a piece of jewellery. Our well-known trademark is proportionality. In order to manufacture the lamp 14 to 16 work stages are required, depending on the finish. Handicraft technology is time consuming (some work stages take hours), it requires wide knowledge and expertise.


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140 cm
Minimum height
140 cm
90 cm
34 kg
antique,shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel, matt nickel
12x75 W E27
Optional finish
Optional finish