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Venice 5 armed chandelier, exclusive handmade brass lamp in Art nouveau style

Venice 5 armed chandelier

Venice 5 armed chandelier

The 5 armed Venice chandelier is astonishing luxury on an average scale. Inspired by Viennese art nouveau, the grand chandelier boasts tiny Cupid figures in company of flower wreaths and other delicate brass ornaments while the arms themselves are rather low-key. The chandelier is adorned with 200 transparent, manually threaded delicate tubes which form a dense glass curtain. Once the light is on, wonderful reflections appear on its surface, resulting in magical atmosphere in the interior. Given its size, the chandelier looks best in average sized interiors such as lavish livingroom or boutique selling premium quality goods.The lamp is a unique, handmade Hungarian product. It is made of pure brass in shiny, antique and nickel finishes. Its 5 E27 sockets are porcelain ones, so they can be fitted with traditional and LED bulbs. Just like any other lamp with glass tubes, it is delivered with extra ones.Take a really close look at the lamp: it is, just like every lamp of ours, crafted with great care, just like a piece of jewellery. Our well-known trademark is proportionality, which took years to design and refine.In order to manufacture the lamp 14 to 16 work stages are required, depending on the finish. Handicraft technology is time consuming (some work stages take hours), it requires wide knowledge and expertise.


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80 cm
Minimum height
56 cm
84 cm
5.8 kg
antique,shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel, matt nickel
5x75 W E27
Optional finish
Optional finish