Fagan’s Pub, Ireland 2010

During our career, we have worked many times for restaurants, bistros,  hotels, and other hospitality sites. These buildings are designed to dazzle the guests and provide a lasting experience, not only with their gastronomy but also with their style. A stylish interior with fancy accessories is essential for which our exclusive luxury lamps are perfectly suited! This is what our Irish partner thought, too, who approached us during the renovation of Fagan’s Pub back in 2010.

A few words about Fagans’s Pub in their own words

Situated in the heartland of Drumcondra, Fagans has been a drinking oasis for over ninety years and was first licensed in 1907 under the guardianship of a Mr. Fagan. Like the village of Drumcondra itself this old-world pub, has been capturing a lot of attention in recent times due to its architectural renaissance as a result of ongoing renewal and renovation.

Drumcondra, on the outskirts of Dublin, was a very fashionable and sought-after place to live in at the turn of the century. Many well-known Victorian painters and watercolorists resided in the area due to its proximity to the Botanical Gardens. On March 2, 1894, James Joyce, one of ten children, moved with his parents to No 2 Millbourne Avenue, Drumcondra. At that time the population in Drumcondra was only eight thousand people. Originally Drumcondra Road was one of the four great roads of Ancient Ireland, the Slighe Mhidhluachra, which entered the city from the North.

Although restored in recent times, this house still remains one of the great Victorian pubs, quaint, unpretentious, and relaxing, whilst still capturing the austerity of Victorian life. The people of Drumcondra are very proud of this pub and deservedly so. Over the years many famous actors, politicians, comedians, foreign dignitaries, musicians, and other assorted celebrities have passed through our doors.

Fagan’s Pub Patinas lamps

The interior of the restaurant and pub represents a Victorian, classic style, for which our partner and the assigned interior designer chose from our offer. The choice fell on our art nouveau  Triest 15-armed chandelier, which fits perfectly the interior.

Since the height of the ceiling is quite high in some parts of the pub For this project we had to make the chandeliers one tier higher so a custom-made chandelier of 20 bulbs was made especially for this customer.

After the chandeliers were made they were dispatched with the TNT courier service, which still decorate the pub to this day.

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