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Los Angeles Wall Light 90 exclusive modern-style handcrafted wall light

Los Angeles Wall Light 90

Los Angeles Wall Light 90

This wall light was designed to complement the sleek design of the Los Angeles pendants, but we think that it can be used as a stand-alone piece in a smaller room as well. Antique is a result of a chemical treatment process this light brown finish recreates the splendour of a time long past. Shiny brass as the lamp is polished as opposed to varnished. Patinas polished brass lamps will slightly darken over the years (this depends on the humidity of the space – roughly 5-10 years). Matt brass is an elegant golden colour; this brushed and polished brass surface offers a touch of class to any interior wall which it adorns. Shiny nickel the brass lamp is nickeled to give that bright clean feeling. Matt nickel refined low-key silver colour, the polished (shiny) nickel surface is brushed allowing for a softer more gentle look to create an understated ambience.


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27 cm
7 cm
0.5 kg
antique, shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel, matt nickel
1 x 60W E14
13 cm
Optional finish
Optional finish


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