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Our reference work: El Mirador Bar & Grill

Our reference work: El Mirador Bar & Grill

Our reference work: El Mirador Bar & Grill

The ornate premium lamps of Patinas Lighting provide the perfect light in the decorative interior of classical style of El Mirador Bar & Grill in Kazakhstan.

Our reference work: El Mirador Bar & Grill

With its modern and sophisticated style, El Mirador Bar & Grill is one of the jewels and most popular bars and restaurants in the bustling city center of Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

The interior design team has discovered the charm of Patinas Lighting’s exclusive, handmade brass lamps at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt in 2010. The end result speaks for itself, our brass lamps complete the classic splendor of El Mirador Bar & Grill.

El Mirador Bar & Grill: elaborate elegance

The richly detailed, ornate interior bears the most important features of the classical style: the refined use of deep colours and elegant materials paint a perfect picture of the restaurant's interior. Here, the warm atmosphere of wood meets the elegant, industrial style of metals and the comforting touch of velvet textiles - however, during the planning process, one thing was still missing for the perfect overall picture: the right light fixtures.


We all know that in the case of an interior, the lamps not only provide the right light source, but also serve as the centerpiece of the room: they attract the eye and guide the eye with their bright shine.


Nurlan Kamitov, the head of the interior design office commissioned by El Mirador Bar & Grill, also took this into account when it came to choosing the lamps. We met at the fair in Frankfurt, then discussed the length of the lamps and the possible variation of the glass shades. Due to the tight deadline, the work took place at a fast pace, and the chosen brass lamps were finally sent to Kazakhstan within the deadline, organized by the buyer - in special wooden boxes due to the size of the lamps and the distance.


Our Pécs 15-armed chandeliers, our Fortuna table lamps and our unique table lamps, which were produced based on the samples of the Pápa collection, can still be found in the building of El Mirador Bar & Grill.








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