Nizza wall light III.

924 (inc. VAT 1173)

Height: 34 cm

Minimum height: cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Capacity: 1×60 W E14

Material: brass

Production time: 4-6 weeks

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With its arts and crafts meets art deco design the Nizza uplighter wall sconce is an exquisite handcrafted lamp with lots of character, from its bold dynamic look to its playful decorative swirls this handmade sconce is designed to fit perfectly into a number of locations and with its strong and proud back panel and symmetrical design it adds charm to its environment. Lightweight (1.2kg) and compact (34×14×16 cm) this sconce is ideal for many locations. And with its open top fluted light combined the 24 glass rods which are available in clear or matt you can create the perfect diffusion, and with an output of 60W/E14 you can be sure of a pleasing level of illumination.With such a compact and versatile sconce placement is simple, the Nizza uplighter wall sconce looks good everywhere and anywhere!! At home it will compliment any room, especially when combined with other members of the Nizza family of lamps, on the office it is a good source of additional lighting, and when used in the office reception area it creates a welcoming glow for your clients, and within a hotel it is perfect for lobby and hallway lighting. No matter where you use this handcrafted sconce it will always prove to be of excellent service.And now for the science. As with all of our products the Nizza uplighter wall sconce is handcrafted from high quality brass by fully artisan Hungarian craftsmen, this process can take up to six weeks as we employ only time served traditional techniques such as spinning and sand casting, our glass products are manufactured to a similar level thus reflecting the value we place in our final product. On occasion we can customise to suit your specific requirements, we are always happy to advise and help any way we can. As an extra with this product we are happy to include a number of spare rods in the event of breakage.The Nizza uplighter wall sconce is available in a wide range of finishes, all designed to compliment the room in question.Antique: is a result of a chemical treatment process this light brown finish recreates the splendour of a time long past. Shiny brass: as the lamp is polished as opposed to varnished Patinas polished brass lamps will slightly darken over the years (this depends on the humidity of the space – roughly 5-10 years). Matt brass: an elegant golden colour, this brushed and polished brass surface offers a touch of class to any interior wall which it adorns. Shiny nickel: the brass lamp is nickelled to give that bright clean feeling. Matt nickel: refined low-key silver colour, the polished (shiny ) nickel surface is brushed allowing for a softer more gentle look to create an understated ambience.Patinas are so confident about the Nizza uplighter wall sconce that we happily offer a 10 year warranty on this product for your peace of mind.The cleaning and maintenance of the Nizza uplighter wall sconce s could not be easier, a soft cotton cloth for the brass and a regular glass cleaner for the tubes will do the job perfectly..In conclusion, the Nizza uplighter wall sconce is a great choice for the home or commercial environment, and if used in conjunction with the other members f the Nizza family of lamps you can be sure to create a winning ambience.

shipping and guarantee


We ship worldwide

Throughout the European Union it is free of charge.

To countries outside of EU we charge 10% of the total costs for shipping, packaging and admin. costs.

For remote destination where shipping costs cannot be calculated in advance, please contact us at checkout for exact shipping costs.

The production time is 4-6 weeks, and only then can we start the delivery process by courier service.

Delivery times vary depending on the destination. Within the European Union, orders typically arrive within 5-7 working days from the dispatch date. For destinations outside the EU, customers can expect their orders to arrive within 8-12 working days.

It is not yet possible to provide specific package tracking, but we are working on making an internal parcel tracking system available as soon as possible. For the time being, we always send you emails about changes in your order status, so you can follow the status of your order at the moment.


You can find it on the terms and conditions page.

In this case, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.


The lamps manufactured by Patinás Lamp Kft. undergo strict quality control.

Upon completion all results are documented with photos and order number. If the customer detects a defect after receiving the product, he is obliged to send the notice to  e-mail address.

Error reports will only be accepted for 15 business days upon receipt.

We will not be able to accept complaints after the expiry date. We are not responsible for any damage or possible discoloration of lamps stored in inappropriate place after receipt (especially in humid places or on construction sites).

Defects caused from improper storage will be corrected and returned for an additional fee. Patinás Lampa Kft. shall not be liable for damage, glass breakage or contamination resulting from unprofessional installation. It says what is not covered by the warranty,

A 10-year warranty is granted on sockets and cables within the luminaire.

We grant a 5-year warranty on the surface (finish) of the metal parts, if the lamp was purchased with top layer of varnish.

Discoloration in case of unvarnished lamps are not a subject to the warranty.

A 2 year warranty is granted for all light sources (led stripes and drivers and G9 light sources).

In case of glass breakage we guarantee the delivery the same type of glass within 10 years of purchase at the current commercial price.

Do you need a custom size?

We have fixed product sizes, but we can also manufacture a specific product in individual sizes if required.
Feel free to contact us and let's talk about your ideas.

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Dr. Polgári Istvántranslated from Hungarian
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"Your showroom has been a pleasure to come into and a pleasure to return! It's like entering a better old world."
Péter Zoltántranslated from Hungarian
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"We didn't want to dress up our park with ubiquitous (Chinese) outdoor lighting fixtures! We have found the solution with you! We are proud of it! Thank you!"
Dr. Nagy Tihamértranslated from Hungarian
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"We dreamed it up, you realized the lighting of our home! We are satisfied and we will tell others about it! Thanks for the nice work!"
Peter HoffmannHamburg
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"We ordered lamps from the Petitot collection from you online. They are much nicer than we expected. Thank you for the nice products, we will recommend it."
Rolf ManzArchitect, Berlin
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"I first encountered their lamps at a lighting exhibition in Frankfurt. I keep my first opinion to this day. Your lamps are like Rolex for watches. We always recommend it to whoever we can."
JeffLittle Rock, AR
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"The piece is so incredible what I ordered online. You showed such great respect for me and the item by packaging it so well. It arrived quickly and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much."
Németh Pétertranslated from Hungarian
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"In May 2002, we bought more than 30 different lamps for our renovated home! Then we were informed that they offer a warranty of up to 10 years on their lamps! Four months ago, our children pushed open a floor lamp while playing, breaking both its glass and its brass arm. We hoped that maybe the lamp could be repaired and we hoped that the glass could be replaced. We could not have imagined that they would solve this seemingly serious problem so quickly and kindly. Not only were they able to add glass, I note right away, but they also perfectly repaired the metal parts of the lamp in 2 weeks! Thank you for your quick help and competence! We've already sent you a lot of friends and customers, so we're sure we've done the right thing and will continue to do so!"
Kalmár Gergőnétranslated from Hungarian
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"At the urging of our parents, we visited their company's website a few months ago. At first we thought (because we are a young and youthful, modern couple) that we would not find in your offer a high-tech, modern, but exclusive and of course quality lighting fixture suitable for our home. We saw lights on their side that we might have imagined, so we visited their store! Unfortunately, the Internet does not return the true beauty of their lamps, but fortunately we wanted to believe our eyes! We were impressed by the range and the meticulous craftsmanship of the lamps we saw in life! It was not easy to choose what my husband and I were finally able to agree with together! An Art-deco lamp family fits perfectly into our ideas! Ever since we installed the lights, our friends have been wondering! We enjoy them every day!"
Balogh Katalintranslated from Hungarian
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"We have been looking for a truly unique luminaire for our home for almost two years now! So we visited your shop with a little skepticism! It was a good decision and worth postponing the election! Thank you for your good advice and suggestions, we are really satisfied with the selected lamps. We will recommend your company to others! We wish you continued success!"
Kirschner Pétertranslated from Hungarian
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"We have wanted to replace our lamps for a long time, but we didn't want to rush! We visited several lamp shops, but either the quality, or the price, or the service was inadequate! The quality is excellent at your company, although the price did not seem cheap at first, but after we contacted other stores selling similar products, it became clear where we would return, the service was also impeccable! Most of all, we were impressed by the fact that they did not want to persuade us to buy lamps as large and expensive as possible, but tried to find the best fit for our home. We managed to create impeccable harmony, so much so that our interior designer uses it as a reference, and even interior design sheets would like to publish our home in the columns of their magazine. This is a good recognition for us too! We wish you continued success! P.S.: Unfortunately, there are few similar Hungarian businesses!"
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"For two years now, we were just looking at the light bulbs on the ceiling because we wanted to make the right choice. But we didn't really find anything suitable for everything. Then we met you in Milan at Euroluce. They have a fantastic offering, it caught me right away. The pieces ordered are perfect. Thank you"
Rose and PierreParis
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"We bought through one of their resellers here in Paris for the first time. Flawless lamps, real French design, we couldn't believe they weren't original, so perfect, just as fine workmanship as our truly original 100-year-old lamp. Congratulations and thanks"

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