Discover the HEXXA collection, a dream for decorators and interior designers!

Discover the HEXXA collection, a dream for decorators and interior designers!

After a thorough designing process which took over 8 months we are happy to announce that our new high-end luminaire collection HEXXA is ready to be introduced!

Patinas have been engaged with designing and producing classical, art nouveau and art deco brass luminaires for over four decades. Our thought process, the skilled craftmen and our cultural heritage made it possible for us to be involved in many, many private and public projects in the last decade after entering the international market in 2010.

The in-house development of our luminaires have enabled us to work independently having one goal on mind:quality you can achieve only by manual  labour. We truly believe that the high quality of our luxurious luminaires depends on the handy work of our skilled workers and that this level needs to be kept no matter what.

After the last 3 years of wonderful heritage projects (see our reference page on Money Musem, Károlyi-Csekonics Palace and the Hungarian State Opera) we have been part of here in Budapest we needed a bit of fresh air. Also, our clientele of interior designers have kindly pressured us for a different approach of lighting, so we thought we would give it a go! But, first of all we needed to know more, so we made a mini-survey enabling us to pin down exactly what they were thinking of.

Then came the wonderful moment when we needed to open the magic book, a summary of our inspirational ideas on forms, function, esthetics, design and history we have gathered on our travels, discussions and conversations. Tons of doodles, sketches, photos, cut-outs are to be found in the booklet which has inspired us many times, so after leafing through it we have found a photo of this glass hexagonal plate.

This photo below was taken in our manufacture in Hungary prior to the design process. Originally it was designed to be used as a dessert plate; mid-size, plain on one side, relief pattern on the other side.

The glass is not thin, it is rather robust giving it an industrial appearance.

For a couple of years we have toyed around the idea to produce a puzzle-like luminaire: this would mean that different shapes could be layed out on the ceiling or wall. As the honeycomb form has 6 sides the puzzle could go into six different directions with multiple variations.

The name of the collection comes from the Greek word hex meaning six indicating the six sides of the glass plate.The additional x stays for that extra je ne sais quoi!

Almost any individual form can be achieved – from linear to curvilinear and loopy –   the size of the interior is the only limit.

For this collection we wanted to have an industrial appearance, not only because of the trending design, but to compliment the robust glass.The diffusor is clear allowing light to shine through its thickness sheding sufficient light for any interior. This means that the colour of the wall (no matter what material) will be seen through the glass thus blending into the interior.

When designing these pieces we wanted to reflect to one of the most crucial questions we often receive: how much light will I get?

First and foremost we offer these lamps to lovers of retro modern design who wish to have sufficient light in their space. As lamps are fitted and delivered with 6W G9 dimmable LED, 220 V, 3200 K bulbs you can adjust the light to your or your customer’s liking.

We are sure that high-end retailers and smaller boutiques would be pleased by the design and efficiency of this collection. Due to its small projection of only 9 cm it is highly adaptable in a narrow space like a corridor, staircase, be it in a private or public setting such as an office building or a modern hotel.

The support of the luminaires is made of steel and brass which for the sake of design afficionados comes in 3 matt colours: black, silver and gold. The hexagonal glasses are attached to the structure by two clips on opposing sides which makes the installation a walk in the park.

The collection is a set of wall fittings and pendants having 1-15 glasses for smaller and bigger scale projects.

The luminaires can be easily „puzzled” together, so it is up to the interior designer to dream up a perfect form for the interior scheme. All one has to do is to use the existing forms by adding further pieces. This way you can have an extended, long or wide pendant which could fit perfectly into a hotel lobby, restaurant or an exclusive board room.

What’s more, as the pendants are installed with a steel wire one can adjust them into not only horizontal, but diagonal position.

The wall lights can be installed anyhow you like on the wall, not just as depicted on our webpage.

Once ordered and made the lamps are safely packed into cardboard boxes. The glasses are packed separately for safety reasons. The product is accompanied by installation instructions which will make the installation a walk in the park.

Get to know our extraordinary HEXXA collection and click here for all HEXXA lamps!

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