Luxury retro lamps from the Patinas Lighting assortment

Luxury retro lamps from the Patinas Lighting assortment

The retro style has become evergreen – decorate your home with luxury retro lamps,which will serve not only as light source,but as decoration of your home!

It might be the memories that retro style evokes – or the timeless appearance and design why we love this style so much. One thing is true: retro style does not go out of fashion, and this is also true for retro interior design! Should you want to have this style in a luxury version in your home the Ottone collection from Patinas Lighting is the choice!

Luxury retro lamps in premium quality, handmade

As with every collection design we had the same goal when designing the Ottone collection: to offer premium lamps with unique design in highest quality for your home.

Keeping this in mind the Ottone luxury retro lamp collection is made of finest quality brass by hand, using traditional techniques. For the welding we use only industrial silver, which ensures the longevity and value of the luxury retro lamp!

Discover Patinas Lighting’s exclusive assortment

Please inform us about the required finish for your lamp: shiny brass, matt brass, antique, shiny nickel or matt nickel. We also take special wishes – if needed we will make your lamp according the measurements of your home!

Luxury retro lamps for every room of your home

When designing a collection we not only design 1-2 lamps, but rather sets, so one can use those in every room of your home keeping the style the same. This is how we made our luxury retro collection, the Ottone collection. Please find below the description of each piece which we offer to the lovers of the retro style!

Luxury retro floor lamps

The Ottone luxury retro lamps which can be the decoration of your living room come in two variations: the two-bulb version for smaller rooms, while the 4-bulb version fits well bigger spaces:

Ottone Floor Lamp 1

Ottone Floor Lamp 2

Ottone luxury retro table lamps

You can put them anywhere: on  the coffee table, night stand or just as décor on top of the dresser.
You will find the solution in the Ottone luxury retro collection. We have 3 types of table lamps that will match your style and space:

Ottone Table Lamp 1

Ottone Table Lamp 2

Ottone Table Lamp 3

Ottone luxury retro wall lights

The popularity of wall lights keeps rising. The practical wall lights are integral part of retro interior design, thus they are essential parts of the Ottone collection as well.

Ottone Wall Light 1

Ottone Wall Light 2

Ottone luxury retro pendants

In case you want to suspend your chosen retro luxury lamp from the ceiling, Ottone pendants are the perfect choice. The timeless luxury retro lamps are made in 5 different finishes, so they fit perfectly every home.

Ottone Pendant 1

Ottone pendant 2

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