Patinas Lamps for Heritage Buildings

Patinas Lamps for Heritage Buildings

Welcome to the Patinas Lighting website where you will hopefully find a solution for your listed building project!

Patinas Lighting is producer of brass lamps in neo-baroque, belle epoque, art nouveau and art deco styles. Our lamps are made just as 100 years ago – we use the same material – brass – and we form it in the same traditional way it was done decades ago. Our craftsmen will give you the perfect product which will surely function also in 100 years.
Patinás lamps have been several times approved by the competent local authorities thus making it possible to be found all across Europe’s finest listed buildings. We ask you to check our portfolio and get in contact with us so we can restore your existing lamp or make a new one for you.
Please send us your plans of your house or building with photos, dimensions (of each room) with typical décor we can base our ideas on – for you.

We would be please to welcome you in our showroom and manufacture unit in Budapest. We are well connected with the rest of Europe and actually whole world.

You will surely benefit if you visit us, but please do not think of Paprika or Goulash when you plan your visit! Or capital is a vibrant city with some excquisite examples of architecture – perfect place for urbanistics fans. A mishmash of things that might not fit together at first glance, but are still loveable.

We look forward to your visit!

Pálma Rendezvényház (Event Centre)

Pálma Rendezvényház (event location) in Tata was built as a glass house for rare plants in the English Garden in the 19th century and accurately restored many decades later under the eye of the Hungarian Historic Monuments Protection Authority. Patinas have installed huge custommade chandeliers for the Phoenix Room from our Wien collection.

Károlyi-Csekonics City Palace

In early summer 2019 the managing director of Patinas Lighting Ltd, Mr. Csaba Károlyi has signed a contract for reproduction of historical luminaires for the Károlyi-Csekonics city palace in Budapest’s Palotanegyed (Palace District). One of the four Károlyi Palaces in the district, known as the István Károlyi or Károlyi-Csekonics Palace was designed and built by the Austrian Fellner and Helmer Architectural Studio. They designed over 200 buildings (mainly opera houses and apartment buildings) across Europe in the late 19th century and early 20th century, which helped bind the Austro-Hungarian Empire together and cement Vienna as its cultural center.

Patinas Lighting was assigned to reproduce around 130 large chandeliers and pendants. Since the quality of the received photographs was quite poor we needed a strong cooperation with the responsible conservators in order to receive all the tiny details that were required from us for the implementation of the project. In some cases the preparation took longer time then the actual production. Our craftsmen have made lanterns, cast brass chandeliers adorned with 31% lead crystals and wall lights based on historical evidence. The Palace has had also Czech crystal chandeliers in its rooms that could not be saved from the past decades, so the client has decided to custom order Maria Theresia chandeliers from our partner from the Czech Republic.

As the building will serve as an educational center it will have a conference hall, an auditorium and several class rooms with offices. This part will be enlighted with Patinas’ standard lamps from the art deco & contemporary selection.

The project was finished in early summer 2020.

Villa Kontor

Villa Kontor in Leipzig, Germany is a showroom of Kontor Light & Living Ltd. The owner, Mr. Andreas Permin has discovered Patinas Lighting at the Light + Building Fair Frankfurt (2014) and visited us right after the show with his colleagues in our showroom. A custommade art nouveau chandelier of 7,5 meters (24,6 in), many pendants and wall lights were made for this wonderful listed building.

Church in Patak

Church in Patak (village in North Hungary) is our favourite project, because this was a renovation of a Roman Catholic church funded by former and actual inhabitants. The local council has cast the vote in our showroom on the finish (antique vs. shiny brass) of the luminaires. They have ordered and installed a custommade chandelier with 24 arms from the Budapest collection, several wall lights and ceiling lamps.

Le Petit Retro

Le Petit Retro, a cozy restaurant built in 1904 in Rue Mesnil in Paris is on the List of Heritage Monuments of France. The owners have contacted us during the renovation works and have acquired lamps in art nouveau style which fit perfectly the original fayance tiles in floral manner. Attention to detail was the golden thread of this restauration project.

Villa Groedel

The eclectic Villa Groedel (Budapest, 6th district), built in the 19th century’s Budapest,  was  designed using different styles; externally art nouveau, neo-gothic in the inside. Built originally as a sommer residence, it was later used as a classy city mansion for a magnate’s family from Pest. In the beginning of the 50’s the building was confiscated by the State, but luckily it was preserved in a very good condition. It was fully renovated in 2016 – we have delivered chandeliers, wall lights and ceiling lamps in a simple, geometrical style inspired by the Viennese Sezession and also outdoor wall lights for the passage between the main building and the side building.

Jenő Hubay Music Salon

The Jenő Hubay Music Salon in Hotel Victoria is a perfect example for the harmonious coexistence of modernity and historical values. The owners of the hotel (built in 1990 on the Danube shore in central Budapest) have acquired a part of a city palace which once belonged to the famous Hungarian fiddler Jenő Hubay. The Salon was fully refurbished, the room where once Arturo Toscanini, Bruno Walter, Yehudi Menuhin, Ruggiero Ricci, Pietro Mascagni and Vincent d’Indy have played music is now decorated with chandeliers and wall lights from the Pécs collection.

The protestant Grand Temple

The protestant Grand Temple in Nyíregyháza was inaugurated cca. 230 years ago after Joseph II (Austrian emperor) passed a law which guaranteed religious freedom for all (previously discriminated) minorities living within the Empire. This meant the minorities could finally build places of worship. This church underwent some turbulent times, it was often renovated amd eventually in 2016 the luminaires got a revamp as well. Patinas have restored the wonderful brass chandeliers according the requirements and we even made two replicas.

Hungarian Academy of Music

Hungarian Academy of Music (also known as Liszt Ferenc Academy) is one of the finest examples of art nouveau in Budapest which is located just a few steps from World Heritage Site Andrássy avenue. Having been a dillapidated beauty, this institute underwent a major transformation, and now it prouds itself with its original shine. Speaking of shine, the building was equipped with beautiful, elaborate brass lamps which sadly no one took care of for decades. The numerous chandeliers and wall-lights were in a desolate condition when Csaba Károlyi, owner of Patinás Lighting Ltd. took his expert glance on them. „This assignment came suddenly. A man who was living in our neighbourhood remembered that we were engaged in historical brass lamps, so he came and told me about this project. Little did I know that it would be quite challenging.” With Patinás Lighting Ltd. having won Denkmal preservation award in Leipzig in 2008, it was natural to say yes to the huge assignment. It took months to examine the lamps thoroughly. Needless to say, the work was even more challenging than expected: after careful dismantling, the desolate condition of the aged lamps came to surface. Some items did not survive the refurbishment, so they had to be replaced. Additionally, the 300 lamps had to be rejuvenated to live up to modern standards of safety and lighting. The artisans spent 14 months with the actual renovation.

Hotel Ned, London

Hotel Ned in London was once a Midland Bank designed in classical style in 1924 by the British architect Sir Edwin ‘Ned’ Lutyens. It was inaugurated ten years later, in 1934. After being vacant for 70 years the building was acquired with the intention to refurbish it into a hotel. Soho House and Sydell Group have managed to make a modern 5 star hotel based on the original building and its rich historical past; a place where class and quality go hand in hand. We were chosen by the designers to deliver classical, art nouveau and art deco table lamps, ceiling lamps for the public spaces such as restaurants, bars (Cecconi’s, Millie’s Lounge, The Vault) and grooming facilities within the hotel. Pieces from the Budapest, Petitot, Hoffmann, Prague collections were altered according the client’s wishes. Being engaged in this project has thought us much about historical British design and requirements we needed to meet when discussing the special needs of this historical building.

Production & Shipping

The production of heritage lamps for listed buildings is almost the same as of those from our standard catalogue. The only difference is the enthusiasm we start to work with since the production for a listed building is always a challenge! The material we work with is always brass which is processed in different ways depending on the model. Moulded parts will be carefully moulded, then winded, bowed and solded with industrial silver, then rasped. Many of the parts are handspun and shaped by hand. Before being assembled the parts or the whole lamps get their finish. Glass shades and glass tubes are produced so they fit perfectly the product, each piece is thoroughly examined. Each piece is strictly controlled by the manufacture leader before it is sent to the packaging unit and eventually shipped to the previously agreed address. In the box you will find an installation guide and cotton gloves for the installation of the lights, because we want the heritage lights to be installed in a perfect condition.

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