Our premium quality brass pendants could be the most decorative item of your home!
Discover Patinas Lighting's exclusive, handmade lamps which come with a 10 year warranty.

Luxury pendant lights: a gem of your home

Would you like to brighten up your home by introducing a touch of luxury into the room? Discover our luxury pendant lights, which serve as a light source and decoration at the same time!

Like a beautiful piece of jewelry on an elegant lady, your lamp can decorate your home.
When designing a home it is essential thet the accesories fit the style and reflect the homw owners taste. A well-chosen luxury pendant lamp offers just that: it illuminates the room as a light source, draws attention to itself, and its beauty dazzles your guests!

Get to know the Patinas Lighting luxury pendant lamp collections and choose the perfect piece for you!

What makes the Patinas Lighting luxury pendant lamp collection different?

The uniqueness, durability and premium quality of the lamps we produce make these special pieces an excellent choice. We make our luxury pendant lights by hand, using traditional lamp manufacturing methods, using only the highest quality raw materials such as brass.

We make each piece like a piece of jewelry: precisely, even the tiniest decorative elements are made with the utmost care, so that the luxury pendant light is perfect!

Luxury pendant light of valuable quality

Our lamp manufacturing process ensure that the selected lamp will represent calue for decades to come.

Luxury pendant lights with a 10-year warranty

During the production of our luxury lamps we make each piece with special care, so we are sure of its quality! Of course, we would even bet on that, which is why, as with all our lamps, we also offer a 10-year warranty for our luxury pendant lights, during which time we are ready to assist you in case of any complaints.

We will take care of your luxury pendant light after the exoiration of the  warranty period, if you  wish so.

Luxury pendant lights in four styles

We produce our lamps just like pieces of art and as we wish to match one’s style our luxury pendant lights are made in 4 styles:

–    art deco luxury pendant lights
–    art nouveau luxury pendant lights 
–    modern luxury pendant lights
–    classical luxury pendant lights 

How to buy a luxury pendant light from Patinas Lighting

Are you interested in our products? On our website, you can choose from more than 700 unique lamps, including our luxury pendant lamps. If you have found the piece that suits you best, please contact us to discuss the details.

We also manufacture our luxury pendant lights based on individual orders – so you have the opportunity to choose their color or length for some of our models to fit perfectly in your home.

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