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Premium quality, unique, handmade brass wall lamps from Patinas Lighting's assortment. Decorate your home exclusive lamps that come with a 10-year warranty!



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Luxury wall lights, wall sconces from Patinas Lighting collection

Are you looking for a truly unique, beautiful luxury wall arm for your home? Get to know Pattinas Lighting luxury wall light collections and find the perfect piece!

A beautiful luxury wall light can not only be an important light source for your home, but also an outstanding decorative element for the interior. A piece that matches the style of the room stands out from the space: it catches the eye with its brilliance, while it dresses up the room. Get to know the most important features of Patinás Lamps luxury wall lights from Patinas Lighting!

Luxury wall light in premium quality, handmade

For us, lamp manufacturing is not just a job: it is more of a profession, a passion, which we do with all our heart. Accordingly, the luxury wall lights we make do not come to your home from the assembly line: as each piece is made by hand in our workshop, using the finest materials.

Like all Patinas lamps, our luxury wall lights are made of brass based on a unique design, and we use only the highest quality industrial silver to solder even the smallest elements, so your lamp will remain valuable and beautiful for decades!

Luxury wall lights tailored to your needs

Since we make our luxury wall lights are made upon order, we are able to adapt your wishes  to a certain extent.

Luxury wall lights in 5 finishes

When ordering, you can specify  which finish you would like to see the selected luxury wall light. Did you envision matt or shiny nickel, matt or shiny brass, or perhaps an antique colour scheme? There is no obstacle! Your luxury wall lamp will thus fit perfectly into your home.

Luxury wall arms with optional shade selection

You like one of our luxury wall lamps, but you would like to have it with a different glass shade the as shown in the picture? In our lamp shades category, you can see all the pieces you can select from.

Luxury wall lights in several styles

In order to ensure that everyone can find the perfect luxury wall light on our website, when designing our lamps, we incorporate elements of several styles into our pieces.

You will find:
–    art deco luxury wall light,
–    modern style luxury wall light,
–    classical style luxury wall light,
–    art nouveau luxury style wall light.

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