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Discover Patinas Lighting's exclusive ceiling fitting collection where we offer handmade, premium quality brass lamps. Our lamps come with a 10 year warranty!

Ceiling lamps of exclusive quality, custommade, handmade from Patinas collection

The ceiling lamp is not only the essential light source of our home, but if well selected it can be a gem of the room. A well fitted premium quality ceiling lamp will enhance the atmosphere of the room; the well selected finish, size and drop will make it a great accesory of any family home or corporate building!

Exclusive ceiling lamps according your demand

Currently we are showcasing more than 700 classical, art deco and art nouveau lamp designs on our website.Our premium quality brass lamps are available in many more options to ensure that your ceiling lamp fits perfectly into your finished interior or that is still under construction.

Patinas lamps, in 5 different finishes

Our ceiling lamps, as any luminaire, are available in 5 different finishes. Customers can choose whether they wish to have the ceiling lamp in antique, matt or shiny nickel, matt or shiny brass finish. As any part of the production this will be made with greatest care with best materials.

Patinas ceiling lamps with various glasses

Your exclusive ceiling lamp does not only come with the depicted glasses, but you can have it with other glasses designed and made by us. Look at the variations under glass shades menu.

Patinas ceiling lamps fitted into space

Total drop is always selected according the interior height, you can be sure to have made the perfect decision when choosing your premium ceiling lamp.

This is how your exclusive ceiling lamp is made…

Our colleagues will send you a detailed offer to your request, if you accept it is considered as an order from your behalf. We will then start the production of your exclusive ceiling lamp in our Hungarian factory.

The high quality materials are formed by hand considering your wishes, the ceiling lamp is made in 6 weeks.

Exclusive ceiling lamps, in various styles

Earlier, 100-120 years ago classical ceiling fittings were made with deep, rounded cut glasses. Our company has been producing classical ceiling lamps ever since.

Accoring the LED technology we were able to design modern, low fitting ceiling lamps, thus we were able to produce not only classical ceiling lamps, but art deco and modern ones and lovely art nouveau ceiling lamps as well.

According the modern technology we have designed a flat, modern, but still classical style ceiling lamp with 9 cm overall height and 2-3 light bulbs. It is the popular Prague and Győr ceiling lamps! In terms of light these luminaires will exceed all expectations since they will light up the room with 3 x 6 WATT capacity.

Discover our exclusive ceiling lamp collections and fitting wall lamps, wall lights, chandelier, floor lamps and table lamps and ask for an offer!

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