Unique, handmade, premium quality brass chandeliers from Patinas Lighting. Discover Patinas Lighting's assortment - the lamps come with a 10-year warranty!

Exclusive chandeliers from Patinas Lighting assortment/collection

The look of a room, its exclusive atmosphere lies in the details. Discover the exclusive Patinas Lighting chandelier assortment which could be the gem of your home.

How exclusive chandeliers came into life of Patinas Lighting

It all started with my father, the founder of the company, Károlyi György procuring exclusive chandeliers and antique lamps at various fairs and auctions back in 1981.In the beginning our company only restored and sold these lamps, but later on we came up with the idea to design and produce our own classical style, exclusive chandeliers.

Later on, partially on the demand of our prestigious clients, but also the development of LED technique beside our classical style exclusive chandeliers we have designed art nouveau, art deco and modern chandeliers, which are still very popular.

Exclusive chandeliers today in Patinas Lighting assortment/collection

The handmade brass lamps made with premium quality materials are true rarities among the mass products one can currently find on the market. Our exclusive chandeliers not only create new dimensions within the interior design with their look and quality, but they represent eternal value –  thanks to the quality the handmade brass chandeliers will serve many generations to come representing value for decades, centuries.

Exclusive chandelier offer on our website

Currently we are showcasing around 100 bespoke, exclusive chandeliers on our website, but we can offer even more. Thanks to the bespoke, made to order  production you can select the size, the glassess and  the finish of the exclusive chandelier making your chandelier even more unique.

Our exclusive chandeliers can be produced in anique, matt and shiny nickel, matt and shiny brass finishes, so the chosen form fits perfectly the finish and the interior.

How your exclusive chandelier is made in the Patinas Lighting factory

After our offer has been accepted our talented craftmen in the Hungarian factory will start with the production of your handmade exclusive chandelier. The production takes generally 6 weeks, during which all details are perfectly chiselled. Throughout the production of exclusive chandeliers, as with other lamps, we use only highest quality material: we do not use low quality tin for welding, but only industrial silver which will ensure longevity of your exclusive chandelier.

Our exclusive chandeliers represent value serving generations to come

The precise production technology and the material serve solely one purpose: your exclusive chandeleir should be made of highest quality possible, to represent value.This way the exclusive chandeleirs made by us will shine in 100 years just as they were new!

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