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Petitot pendant I., exclusive handmade brass lamp in Art deco, Modern style

Petitot pendant I.

Petitot pendant I.

One of the rare feats of the art deco movement was the discovery that even the most simple of designs can radically change the persona of its location, and we at Patinas firmly believe that the Petitot pendant I is a fine example of this. From its long and elegant form to its eye-catching diffusion (crystal rods make all of the difference) to its dreamy aesthetic this stunning handcrafted solid brass interior pendant is a much loved member of the Petitot family of lights, and with dimensions of 85×33×20 cm and an output of 2×75W/E27 this ceiling light is go-to piece when the location in question is mid-sized. At home its bold appearance will easily bring a new lease of life to its chosen location, for example the master bedroom or the study, in the office it is bound to provide a comforting atmosphere in either the main work area of the reception.  Hoteliers and restaurateurs, why not combine the Petitot pendant I with other members of the Petitot family to create the perfect ambience? One of our business lighting consultants will be more than happy to show you how, and with our range of five finishes (antique, matt and shiny brass, matt and shiny nickel) one can be assured of a product which will easily blend into its location. At Patinas we firmly believe in customer aftercare, this is why, we offer, at no extra cost both a 10 year warranty and a selection of spare crystal rods, we know that accidents happen. All of our products are hand made from start to finish, no exceptions.  If you require more information on this or any other product you are warmly invited to visit our showroom where where one of our trained members of staff will be more than delighted to be of assistance.


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85 cm
Minimum height
60 cm
33x20 cm
1.3 kg
antique,shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel, matt nickel
2x75 W E27
Optional finish
Optional finish