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Art nouveau chandeliers, art nouveau style chandeliers

Art nouveau chandeliers

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Art nouveau chandeliers

Exclusive, premium quality, handmade, art nouveau chandeliers in Patinas Lighting's assortment. Discover  our art nouveau style chandeliers which will decorate  your home!

Art nouveau chandeliers: premium quality brass lamps in art nouveau style

Are you looking for premium quality lamps for your extraordinarily styled home? Discover the traditionally and manually made art nouveau chandelier collections, and let them be the décor of your home!


We believe that the luminaires are not only the source of light in your home, but if well chosen they serve also as decoration of your room. We believe that the traditional fabricating technique can create value, which then can be passed on from generation to generation, from father to son, mother to daughter.


We continue to design and craft luxury art nouveau chandeliers based on this belief.


How art nouveau chandeliers are made 

Our adoration for art nouveau chandeliers, art nouveau style luxury lamps has been undiminished since 1981. That was the year when Patinas Lighting’s journey started: my father, György Károlyi has  procured original antique lamps and chandeliers at various fairs and auctions which he restored giving them chance to enlight someone’s home. As these chandeliers came to life, so has changed the life of the company – we have started designing and producing our own luminaires.


Initially we have designed elegant chandeliers of classical style, but later on we have moved to art nouveau luminaires and finally to modern ones.


Premium quality art nouveau chandeliers, handmade

As every luminaire, our premium quality art nouveau chandeliers are exclusively made of highest quality materials: we use precious brass and industrial silver for the welding of tiny elements, so your lamp can remain valuable for generations to come.


Our company has undergone major changes since the start, but the traditional technique has remained  with us: the art nouveau lamps are handmade with highest attention.


The most important marks of premium quality art nouveau chandeliers

The popular art nouveau movement’s most distinguished style marks were used for the design of our art nouveau chandeliers: the dynamic appearance, the geometrical forms and floral designs were the basis of our design. This way the art nouveau chandeliers serve not only as light sources,but as a gem of your home!