How it’s made? Discover the creation of Patinas lamps!

How it’s made? Discover the creation of Patinas lamps!

Our brass luminaires are truly pieces of art which will serve you as functional lamps as well. But how are they made?

It is highly important that we use premium quality materials for the handmade production. All luxury luminaires are crafted by traditional work: each piece is handmade. Get a behind the scenes look and discover the creation of Patinas lamps!

A new Patinas lamp is created

For us every piece of our collection is a unique piece, from the first idea until the delivery we will take care of it. You will find more than 700 pieces on our website – all meticulously designed by us. Of course the way from the idea up to production is quite long!

Initial plans

Our highly skilled craftmen and very creative artists will make plans with all details needed: the patterns and forms need to support the beauty of the luminaire.

As soon as the design is ready we can start with the actual work. Cast tlls need to be made: this can be made out of wood or with 3D printing technique. Next step is the die casting of brass. Our luminaires are always made with premium quality materials so you can be sure you’ll get the perfect piece.

Where parts are born: burnishing, chiselling and crafting

The raw die cast pieces are burnished and chiselled by our precise craftmen. Attention to detail is crucial, the luminaire under production need to be perfect which is only possible with handmade production.

Metal-work is the next step

In this phase the pieces of the lamps are crafted and they are ready to be assembled. Metal workers will place the parts into their place, they will drill, bend or screw until the lamp is ready. Welding is always made with industrial silver to ensure the longevity of the lamps. 

Cleaning and the finishes

Before the new Patinas lamp is assembled it will get cleaned and it will get its required finish at this stage.

The customer can choose between antique, shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel and matt nickel finishes.


After the finish of the parts is ready the lamp will be assembled. Our colleagues will assemble the parts by screwing and welding.

Mechanical and electrical testing

The uniqueness of the Patinas lamps lies in the traditional production and premium quality. These lamps are not mass produced, every step of the production is checked. 

Packaging and production

We deliver our products worldwide to our customers, public buildings, listed buildings, hotels and castles. The lamps are safely packed and the door to door delivery is organized.

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