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Petitot wall light I/2., exclusive handmade brass lamp in Art deco, Modern style

Petitot wall light I/2.

Petitot wall light I/2.

The larger companion piece to the Petitot wall light I/1 the Petitot wall light I/2 offers even more. Its dimensions (height 47 cm, width 12 cm) offers an even stronger light source for those difficult to reach areas, its secret is its elegance and simplicity, from its strong and impressive persona to its strict are deco symmetry to its undisputed ability to allow for high quality lighting in those often challenging to light areas this magnificent handcrafted interior wall light easily answers all questions posed. Placement options for this highly adaptable lamp are unlimited, at home or in the workplace the Petitot wall light I/2 is perfect for the aforementioned awkward lighting areas or in a group setting as part of a theme, whether it’s the boardroom or the bedroom this lamp is just the ticket. Hotels and restaurants will benefit from its ability to compliment its surroundings, especially when used as part of a theme using other members of the Petitot family of lights, our business lighting advisors will be able to provide further details. It has an output of 2×60W/E14 which when combined with the playful diffusion created by the crystal rods one can be assured of a mesmeric effect. All of our products are handmade from start to finish and with a range of five finishes available (antique, shiny and matt brass, shiny and matt nickel) it will easily compliment its location. What's more, for your peace of mind Patinas offers a 10 year warranty and a selection of additional crystal rods in case of damage, after all, accidents do happen, we are always happy to receive clients in our showroom where one of our friendly team will be delighted to assist you, we look forward your visit. 3D image is available on request.


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47 cm
12 cm
1.3 kg
antique,shiny brass, matt brass, shiny nickel, matt nickel
2x60 W E14
7.5 cm
Optional finish
Optional finish


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