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Frequently asked questions on Patinas Lighting's webpage



Q: What should one consider at installation of lights?

A: Please note that light installation boxes are needed, especially in case of wall lights and spot lights.


Q: What kind of finishes are available?

A: Shiny brass Polished brass) , matt brass (brushed brass) , antique, shiny nickel and matt nickel. Nickel has a surcharge of 15%, matt brass and antique 5%.


Q: Can the lights be lengthened?

A: Yes, we can make the rod or the chain shorter or longer, depending on the height of the ceiling.When deciding please consider the height of the inhabitants and if the lamp is going to be suspended above a dining table.We usually customize the lamp at the height of 2,2 metres.


Q: Do you make unique designs?

A: Yes, we do. Feel free to contact us with your requirements.


Q: Can the luminaires be ordered with another glass shade as depicted in the catalogue?

A: Yes, depending on the size of the holder (6, 8, 20, 25,30 cm) you can choose from the shades on stock.


Q: How can I get a replacement glass if I break it?

A: The majority of the shades are on stock which you can buy in our showroom or via mail.


Q: Can I use the wall lights in the bathroom as well?

A:Yes, but you should put it in places where it is out of reach of water.


Q: Are Patinas lamps made only for domestic use?

A: Yes, as our lamps are decorative and not technical lamps they are primarily planned for normal use. In case you wish to use yours in alternative environment kindly share all technical information and directives of the place of implementation before order. We do not take responsibility on damage of the lamps if not used properly!


Q: What kind of light bulb can I use?

A: Our lamps have E14 and E27 sockets fit for led filament bulbs. On request we can make also US standard sockets. Some of our lamps are delivered with light sources.


Q: Are your products under guarantee?

A: Yes, we issue a guarantee of 10 years.


Q: Where can I see your products?

A: You can see our products in our showroom in the centre of Budapest, Hungary at some of the international fairs we exhibit regularly or at some public references. We can send you all required information on request.


Q: How can I order?

A: You can order by mail. We do not have a webshop.


Q: What kind of data do you need for my order?

A: We need your exact name, address, phone number, the exact name of the product, finish and quantity. Before confirmation you will receive a detailed offer.


Q: How long is the delivery term?

A: Generally 6  weeks but this depends on the quantity as well.


Q:How can I pay?

A: You can pay with transfer to our bank account. When placing the order you need to pay the deposit of 50% and the balance needs to be payed before pick up or dispatch.


Q: Do you deliver door-to-door?

A: Yes, depending on the purchased quantity we mainly deliver by DPD or TNT or in case of intercontinental shippings with other cargo companies.


Q: How can I clean the lamp?

A: You must not clean our lights with any kind of detergent. The glasses may be cleaned with a washing up liquid just as common glasses. When installing the lights please use the enclosed cotton gloves.


Q: The glass shade I have bought from you has a flaw, there are small bubbles inside. I want to claim about the quality.

A: The glass shades are mouth blown, little bubbles do not lower the quality of this glassware.


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