Luxury table lamps: handmade true gems table lamps made of brass with a 10-year warranty!

Are you looking for a luxury table lamp for your office that not only provides light, but also radiates prestige for your partners? Discover the ...
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Traditional lamps: exclusive, handmade traditional lamps

You are looking for traditional lamps that will create a cosy atmosphere in your home? Get to know the  traditional style lamps from Patinas Lighting ...
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Luxury lamp collection from Patinas Lighting Ltd.

Discover the elegance and brilliance of the Patinas Lighting luxury lamp collections! Your lamp is not only an ornament for your home, but it can ...
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This is how our lamps see the light of the day

As soon as your order is taken, our craftmen in the manufacture start with the preperations of the production of your lamp.If the luminaire consists ...
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Patinas Lamps for Heritage Buildings

Welcome to the Patinas Lighting website where you will hopefully find a solution for your listed building project! Patinas Lighting is producer of brass lamps ...
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Luxury lamps in Patinas Lighting’s assortment: discover our products!

With more than 40 years behind our back we exactly know that a luxury lamp is not only a lighting object,but it can be considered ...
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Luxury retro lamps from the Patinas Lighting assortment

The retro style has become evergreen – decorate your home with luxury retro lamps,which will serve not only as light source,but as decoration of your ...
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Patinas luxury lamps: premium quality handmade brass lamps

Discover the luxury Patinas lamps and decorate your home just as you would select a gem! Our luxury lamp collection is set of hundreds of ...
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Antique lamps: handmade, custommade brass antique lamp collection from Patinas Lighting

The antique lamps will enhance your interior! Discover the Patinas antique lamp collection and find your favourite! You do have sense of style if you ...
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Where functionality meets art: luxury chandeliers from Patinas Lighting

A true artsy masterpiece which will decorate your home – while supplying the needed light for everyday. This is what our handmade luxury chandeliers can ...
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How it’s made? Discover the creation of Patinas lamps!

Our brass luminaires are truly pieces of art which will serve you as functional lamps as well. But how are they made? It is highly ...
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Discover the HEXXA collection, a dream for decorators and interior designers!

After a thorough designing process which took over 8 months we are happy to announce that our new high-end luminaire collection HEXXA is ready to ...
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